Former Libyan rebels on the verge of mass suicide

Former Libyan rebels on the verge of mass suicide rebels found themselves after the overthrow Gaddafi without means, the authorities are threatening mass suicide …

Libyan city of Misrata, known as an arena of bloody battles during the revolution that overthrew the last year Gaddafi is facing an acute crisis of veterans' mental health, conflict-scarred, broken and devastated by the consequences. The reports from the BBC Libyan city of Misrata told about large groups of young people in distress, suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. Local mental health clinics can not cope with the influx of patients who are in a state of deepest depression and cursed his hapless fate. Instead prosperous and peaceful life with Gaddafi they have ruined the country, can not continue their education, they have nowhere to run and nothing to live on. No one knows where it goes billions of dollars earned from the sale of Libyan oil.

"My friends have died in vain. Today I realize that my life was better before the revolution "- confessed British journalists, former rebel from Misrata Ahmed. He could not sleep, and at the same time confidence in the future, hope for a decent life. Now Libyans can not even get a visa to travel abroad. They complain that the country, however, did not have freedom of speech, for any criticism of the leaders of the revolution can be paid with his life, around the terror and devastation. Misrata is dominated by a brutal warlord named the "team." Her spies watching, so that no one dared to criticize the new rulers.

Misrata residents say soldiers from Tauerga who fought for Gaddafi during the fighting in the city committed many atrocities, including the rape of women and castration of men. Actually hate to misurattsev Berbers is racial. That misratovkie gunmen drove Tavergi population, young and old, and still make raids on refugee camps, kidnapping and killing the men and boys. British journalist who was trying to make a movie about the plight of people Tavergi, was arrested by the authorities of Libya and expelled from the country.

That misratovtsy with Islamists staged a genocide Berbers.

Remember that according to Thierry Meyssan (Thierry Meyssan) Muammar Gaddafi lynched hands tribe Misrata — Turkish Jews who converted to Islam (Le lynchage de Mouammar Kadhafi). Of this tribe is the name of the city.
Who came to the aid of their colleagues in Misrata psychiatrist in Tripoli said that a particularly difficult condition of women, often commit suicide. Until people start to realize that they fooled propagandists foment rebellion. They talked about how well healed people by getting rid of Gaddafi.

Naive people believe and now left alone with unfulfilled dreams of a bright future. As for the sponsors of the revolution, the Western well-wishers, who spared the bombs and missiles for the Gaddafi regime, they are completely eliminated from the situation, to get what sought — Libyan oil.

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