From Russia make incubator for growing children for sale

From Russia make incubator for growing children for saleOctober 21, the State Duma of the second reading of the draft law "On the basis of the health of citizens of the Russian Federation." It planned a lot of unexpected innovation: in particular, to legalize surrogacy, placing it on a commercial basis. Also allowed children donation — organ transplantation.

Parents will have another surprise: they will not be allowed to influence the health of the child upon reaching 15 years of age. In this age medical history becomes a teenager medical secret, closed to parents. Members of the public who had gathered on the eve of the "round table", declared commercial and corruption-related bill.

The theme of surrogacy and then is in the focus of society. This was make movies, write books. And the stories there is often portrayed in a certain way: the surrogate mother is a kind of "last straw" for the unhappy couple, dream of a child, but for some reason are not able to "make" it naturally.
In Russia, the surrogate mother is not officially allowed — it is only mentioned in the order of the Ministry of Health as one of the solutions to the problem of infertility. But at the same time it is not allowed, that is not a crime. So there is a market for such services as it semi-legally, especially because the demand is there. Well, while the Ministry of Health and Social Development, apparently, decided to meet "customer request" and put on stream surrogacy. The new bill allowed the official commercial use of this non-traditional means of infertility.

Before you rejoice for the state, which, for sure, will bring a lot of taxes in this market, to clarify some details. True. Roux has already reported that the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe is ready to consider a bill clarifying the rights of children and parents. So, there is too much attention paid to the legalization of surrogacy. In the opinion of the developers of the law, it should help to balance the rights of both biological parents, and those who take the child in foster care.
First of all, it is about the rights of homosexual couples, which with the help of surrogate mothers will be able to solve your main problem — reproduction. But this document is only preparing for examination. And if approved, will carry a recommendation for the states — members of the Council of Europe. Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Health has worked to advance and wants to legalize this norm in the near future. Supporters of surrogacy is, apparently, a win-win argument — help women suffering from infertility.

Indeed, in Russia for about 17 percent of couples experiencing certain difficulties with childbirth. But, as said Galina Maslennikov, a specialist in psychogenic infertility "diagnosis" sterility "- is a lie. If a woman has a uterus, so she has a chance to have a baby naturally. " Many years Galina Maslennikova helps these couples holding special workshops, where a year come to three thousand people. 80 percent of them have children on their own later.

But there is another important point, in addition to solving the problems of infertile couples (by the way, if the fate of the hard "does not" children, maybe you should take it as a life lesson and to adopt a child from an orphanage?). These are serious risks of using artificial insemination for both mother and child.

According to gynecologist Alexander Novitsky, the risk of death for the mother may be up to 75 percent. The reason — a powerful hormonal stimulation of the body for successful engraftment of the embryo. But hormonal stimulation also has a negative impact on the nucleus of the embryo cells. It is for this reason that the majority of children conceived by artificial means, are born with severe developmental disabilities. "

These children have great difficulty in communicating with other children, they find it difficult to enter into emotional contact with the adoptive mother. Often they show signs of autism ", — says Galina Maslennikov. And then the reason is not only in the hormonal effects, but also in the child's mind, which was of a woman nine months, all the forces of the soul is trying not to become attached to him and love him.
As called Galina Maslennikov, "the child, who bears no love will be mental disability." And her own words about "producing monsters" do not seem so much emotional exaggeration. However, the surrogate mothers themselves and pay for their "work" mental and physical health. It is no accident, such "service" is officially banned in many European countries — Germany, France, Italy and Poland.

But those people who are taken in the interest of such laws are unlikely to care about this kind of problem. This is primarily a very large market. Farms for surrogate mothers already exist in China and India, where the incidence of poverty is very high. It seems that soon to be joined and Russia. There is also have a competitive "advantage": European appearance of local residents. We already know the prices — up to 20 thousand dollars for the opportunity to become a surrogate mother. There is no doubt that by wanting to make so will not be hanging up.

True, the bill does not include the Ministry of Health is one essential thing: the laws of the Russian Federation, the legal mother of the child is considered to be the woman who gave birth to him. It is no accident today, there are many instances when the courts refuse to legalize children born to surrogate mothers. And adoptive parents can not be formalized as their own children, for all amounts paid. Official legalizing surrogacy will lead to a greater number of such conflicts and problems.

But officials do not care. They importantly — allow commercial provide "services" to the public. In the words of the head of the orthodox medical and educational center of the "Life" Maxim Obukhov, "everything is done for the sake of a few clinics provide good orders."
Another controversial issue in the bill — a permit for the use of children's organs for transplantation. And even the "private entrepreneurs"! True, there is a reservation about the posthumous use. But what it's worth in a country where there are tens of thousands of orphans and street children. "Many countries have abandoned this practice because of inability to deal with corruption risks", — says Olga Letkova, lawyer community PTAs.

Parents waiting for the bill one more unpleasant surprise. They will be denied the right to monitor the health of their children when they reach the age of 15. Since then, his medical record is the medical mystery for parents. So early pregnancy, and as a result, and abortion, not to mention the diseases, sexually transmitted diseases — all these will be closed from the parents. They also will not be able to consent to certain medical activities with the child.

There are in the document and other dubious innovations — forced sterilization and forced abortions of women with mental illness, the rate on the content of newborns up to four years in medical institutions (the agreement of the parents — not a word.) Denial of resuscitation persons with terminal illness, even if the cause of their condition is not related to the diagnosis — for example, a heart attack in patients with cancer.
Most interesting, as these provisions have reached the second reading, without causing the slightest resistance (think as fighting for amendments to the law on education, but here it is about life and death). However, the resistance is — mostly among PTAs and communities. October 15 on their forum, they adopted an appeal to the Russian president — to stop a dangerous bill to the breakdown of traditional family values. Health Committee of the State Duma, however, this is not up to date and said that the document was agreed with the public.

Rushing to the adoption of such a document, called the number of questions (according to Olga Letkovoy, the Duma were sent tens of thousands of letters, as amended in this bill, but there was no response) leads to some thoughts. As the director of the Institute for Demographic Research Igor Beloborodov, we obviously can go on commercial and corruption component. Will Russia become another farm for surrogate mothers?


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