Fule: We need to see new progress in Belarus


Today begins a two-day visit to Minsk, the European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Fule. During his visit, he will meet with senior officials of Belarus, the opposition and civil society, as well as hold a press conference.

In order to transfer the cooperation between Belarus and the European Union on a new level, "we need to see new progress in Belarus on issues of human rights and fundamental freedoms, democracy, improve and further develop the principles of the rule of law."

This was stated by the European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Fule. On the eve of his visit to Minsk, he wrote an article in "The EU and Belarus: supratsovtsnitva for reforms" in the newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia".

He noted that Belarus and the EU have much in common — "is much more than having our common border. Today we have a great opportunity to strengthen and expand these relationships and thus benefit both the EU and Belarus. "

According Fule, the "European Neighbourhood Policy is working on the principle of" more for more ". Higher reformist ambitions of our partners, the greater will be our answer."

In 2008, the cooperation between the EU and Belarus began to gradually recover.

"Today, it's time to transfer it to a new level. In order for this to happen, we need to see new progress in Belarus for human rights and fundamental freedoms, improving democracy and further improvement of the rule of law. These values are fundamental for us to nashah citizens and for the daily life of Belarusians, so we are for dialogue and cooperation "- said Fule.

"Eastern Partnership" can be a policy framework that opens the way for such supratsovtsnitva.

"We invite Belarus fully join the partnership for reform in the including in and on the bilateral level. The benefits of this merger can be huge: at the political level, Belarus could reach association with the EU, and economic — to integrate into the world's largest and most successful domestic market. At the same time, citizens of Belarus could benefit from more favorable conditions for travel in the EU. We want to make the EU more Belarusians visited, studied here or doing business here. The signing of association agreements and readmission agreements between the EU and Belarus will bring you benefits that are already enjoying the neighboring countries that have adopted the EU proposal. Among these benefits, reducing the cost of visas for all citizens, free visas for many categories, much greater use of multiple-entry visas for a number of categories — journalists, business people, and people whose relatives live in the EU "- said Fule.

According Fule, "today the EU calls on Belarus with a solid and practical proposals to deepen our relationship. On the eve of an important moment in the political life of your country, I hope, that Belarus take advantage magychmastsyu bring you closer to your European neighbors. "

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