Game goodbye


If the result of the match is not as important as the number of viewers can not "serve the number" often turns cool game: relaxed, fast and beautiful. Football out of the competition, a special demonstration performance farewell match teams that have made this world championship. As Uruguay — Germany.

This match for the third place I will remember to primarily an incredible goal Farlyana Diego. This thriller was not here and could not be. There was just football, high quality.

It is difficult to say, who wanted to win more, "heavenly" Oscar Tabaresa team or the German International's Yefim Loew, who after losing in the semifinals of the Spanish zagrypavav. Would be correct to say that no one was against the victory, won in the end the Germans (3-2), but the Penalty Schweinsteiger smiles and the same Farlyana say that these games are no winners or losers.

It is a logical result would be a draw, but the ball bounced off the crossbar German goalkeeper Booth in the final seconds. Not bounced into the net. A draw in the match for third place does not look absurd — motivation in determining the winner is so weak which can be not to assign extra time and penalty shoot-outs. After all, essentially a "consolation finals," it will not change — a farewell match with a light veil of a friendly game.

Thanks, Uruguay, for the drama in the quarterfinals against Ghana. Thank you, Germany, for a demonstration victory over Argentina. You have made this world championship as he was. And honestly earned the right to this beautiful farewell football.

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