Gas turbine power plant in Novokuznetsk begins reception staff

Kuzbass Branch of the Siberian Generating Company began the selection of experts for gas turbine power plant under construction Novokuznetsk (gas turbine). Fully staff the station qualified, trained personnel is expected by November 2013.

After analyzing the production function was estimated standard headcount Novokuznetsk gas turbine, which is formed on the basis of staffing. According to him during the 2013 gas turbine station at the reception will be conducted Employees.
At the gas turbine has adopted Director and Chief Engineer, under their direction is the selection of managerial staff for the posts of the main shops and offices. The specifics of a power dictates the "rules" regarding requirements for future employees of the gas turbine plant under construction. Most of the specialists must have experience, so they will involve, first of all, of the staff of generating stations, as in the group Companies «Siberian Generating Company" and other energy facilities in Russia. These employees should certainly be high-level professionals.
It should be noted that in the Kemerovo region and Altai Krai to date there are no gas turbine stations, and accordingly, in the Kuzbass region, there are no experts with experience in operating such equipment. Narrow specialists in the GTS ready offer specialized education, decent wages, professional development, ability to work on a new modern equipment and, if necessary, — the solution of housing problems.
The second stage of the staffing of the station will be set workers. List of vacancies in the near future will be in the public domain (internet, television, print media). However, applicants should be prepared to the need for mandatory training to work with equipment, as well as obtaining the necessary permits for labor protection, industrial safety, etc. It is assumed that the training will be conducted by specialists of the St. Petersburg plant "Power Machines", which produced a turbo-generators for the station.
All the work of the Directorate for Personnel Kuzbass branch of the "Siberian Generating Company" aims to equip staff Novokuznetsk GTPP most qualified personnel capable to operate the station with maximum efficiency and safety.
Recall that the construction of the gas turbine Novokuznetsk "Siberian Generating Company" is in the framework of the agreement on power supply (PDM). Two gas turbine installation with total capacity of 298 MW will operate in peak mode, compensating for the increased needs of the region in the power and capacity. Putting it into operation would eliminate the power shortage in the south of the Kemerovo region and prevent its occurrence throughout the Kuzbass in general.

Put in the work Novokuznetskaya gas turbine is planned for December 2013

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