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Who builds in Leningrad landing pad for UFOs?

Miracles have a very interesting property: they always occur where we do not. Loch Ness monster plows Scottish lake. Snowman grazing somewhere in the foothills of the Pamir. Holy Fire descends from heaven in Jerusalem. The whole world is literally groaning from the invasion of aliens that recently behave as if there are not at a party, and at home. And here in St. Petersburg solid Peace and grace. If only one run-down UFO pleased with the inhabitants of the northern capital forced landing somewhere in the swamps of the Karelian Isthmus. Gross injustice, in a word. But now, it seems, and we got lucky. At Gatchina discovered the mysterious object is unknown and unclear for what was built in the marshy valley of the River Suyda. This sensational news is discussed so far only in a narrow circle of specialists, but we decided not to wait for their verdict, and conduct its own investigation.

The origins of the story, for that matter, and she herself enveloped in the darkness of secrecy. A pilot who did not want to disclose his name, was flying in a light plane near the village of Nikolskoye. Suddenly, his eyes opened picture, see that he least expected. At the bottom of the forest between the island and the river bed as if their predatory tentacles spread her huge jellyfish. Perhaps under the wing of the aircraft position anti-aircraft missile system? But it is too strange shape. Yes and no spawn in the area are no military units. Fortunately, the camera was at hand, and the object was amazing to capture on film.

When the photo came to connoisseurs south of Leningrad Oblast, a heated discussion broke out that spilled even on the Internet.

Unfortunately, to get this rare stamp has not been possible. I had to ring up all the friends in one way or another related to cartography. Chances of success were not many, because Russia has not yet America, where anyone can go to the NASA site and see a picture of their homeland in the surface of any scale. But we were lucky. One of the St. Petersburg Research Institute recently ordered space imaging of St. Petersburg. And because the area is scanning the satellite was a square with a side of 180 kilometers, there, to our joy, entered the desired location.

As you can see, the picture gives a wide space for scholars of various interpretations. The semi-circular object is clearly man-made origin. The diameter — about fifty meters. In the parties disagree radial rays on their ends round thickening with dark spots in between. Near the narrow forest road.

What is this thing? The military version is clearly unnecessary. The structure is too small an area. Even as a false position, built to fool the American spy satellites, such a structure is not necessary.

The option of buying some land for the construction of a businessman cottage with park here is such a tricky form, though not seem absurd, but too remote. The luxurious mansion overlooking the marsh — this will agree, some nonsense.

It remains an alien version? It is good because it is always able to explain everything. After all, they — the aliens — this can bloat … The devil himself will not understand.

It became clear that without the on-site visit to unravel the mystery of the object we are unlikely to succeed. "In a way — so in a way" — as the gentleman said, fell into the abyss.

And then, after passing the Gatchina and St. Nicholas, where opened its hospitable doors to the famous psychiatric clinic name Kashchenko (easier — the loony bin), we are coming to a fork in the dirt road, which, according to the map, leading to the target. Strange, but the road is dug over a large tractor. Virtually destroyed. Move on to the car impossible. We go walking through fields and forests. Soon find ourselves at the point where the slope of a small hill gently down to the swamp. Even from a distance understand that the calculations were not mistaken. Medusa in front of us. On the ground, it looks more like a circular avenue lined neatly at equal intervals of young trees. Around each seedling hammered by three powerful cola, which trees are tied with ropes for stability. Besides standing on end in a circle large granite boulders, well, just like in the famous Stonehenge. Where the alley runs to the swamp, begins dumping sand. Tentacles, orientated to the south, are narrow sandy track, reaching the round island, right in the middle of which a tree is planted. The volume of construction work is impressive. By the most conservative estimates, for the construction of such a facility requires a minimum of 30 trucks of river sand. And it is not visible nearby (mine was discovered only a kilometer away from this place).

At the point of the geometric center of the park is the outlandish rock with a flat top — one can see that the sacrificial. Thus, we understand that the building has a clearly religious in nature. The closest analogy, perhaps — a pagan temple. But by whom and when it was erected here? As for the time of construction, there is much dispute arose. The Bund is quite fresh. Made in the past or in the year before. But who in our time is capable of such feats of labor in the name of ideas, hard to say. Neo-pagan cult? National Association of witches and black magic? Just imagine what's going on here, for example, on the night of Ivan Kupala. Involuntarily a thought: what if right now for some of the extraordinary here descend coven masters. Do not come to us in this case lie on the same flat rock? Wary listen. Only now pay attention to the ringing of a bell, which is heard from time to time in the woods nearby. Attempts to find the source of the sound failed. Ringing that appeared, disappeared, as if mocked uninvited guests. A cow, by the way, at such a time one of the house does not produce.

By extending the range of the search, we went to the fireplace. White enameled kettle with cobwebs inside, dry twigs in a bag to ignite the fire. Lined with brick fire place. The terms of any debris or traces of mass orgies. Are all the same aliens? Making the latest pictures and embark on the return journey.

Survey of the population in the nearby horticulture, which is located a couple of kilometers from the temples, the main question is not given. Local people prefer to go for mushrooms in the other direction. Nothing strange or suspicious in the woods never noticed. The existence of a place of worship, it seems, for the first time learned from us.

Maybe it's even a good thing that "Gatchina Stonehenge" failed to disclose to the end of all their secrets. After all, life is good when it has mystery and adventure.

Valery Mishakov


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