Gay officially allowed to work in schools and day care centers in Ukraine

Gay officially allowed to work in schools and day care centers in UkraineThe Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered the Government Bill 2342, aimed at the so-called "non-discrimination".
Actually it is the protection of sexual perverts and real discrimination against the majority, wrote in a newspaper column for RIA "New Region" Igor Druz, chairman of public organization "National Council" of Ukraine.
… I think the word on the Protection of perverts — emotional exaggeration? Not at all! Indeed, in paragraph 8 of the explanatory note to the bill directly and clearly states that "The project does not require public comment."
That is, the authors wish to immediately close his mouth most of the people do not accept this infection. After all, it is well known that most people think perversion disease and vice, and rejected it.
Here the authors and refused to hear the opinion of the majority.
How would say the hero of George Orwell, "all men are equal, but some are more equal than others." In Article 21, "the equality of labor rights of citizens of Ukraine," stated: "Ukraine ensures the equality of labor rights of all citizens regardless of their origin, social and property status, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual oriengatsii …".
What does this mean in practice in case of such an act? And the fact that now homosexual "is a master of his vast country" … including its kindergartens and schools, prisons, hospitals, schools and health centers. And try, the employer does not take daubed ugly mug of unknown sex, wanting to be a "teacher of children!" It's "discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation"? Sue this "intolerant" of the principal, or garden immediately. And the article is ready:
"Article 16. Responsible for violations of preventing and combating discrimination. 1. Persons found guilty of violating the laws of preventing and combating discrimination, bear civil, administrative and criminal responsibility. "
That is, we see the major steps to remake Ukraine's new Sodom and Gomorrah in the image of the EU, which in many countries for the slightest criticism of sexual perverts people fired, fined, or even imprisoned. There is often not possible to refuse to hire a sodomite is a more expensive …
In general, the bill Cabinet has a very wide range of applications for the punishment of the officials and all. And for bribes and all, pardon the tautology. Therefore, paragraph 7 of the explanatory note to it is impossible to read without laughing:
"7. Preventing corruption.
In the bill there are no rules and procedures, which may include the risks of the corruption offenses. "

© 2013, "New Region — Kiev", Igor Druz

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