Generates fire — riddles Pyrokinesis

October 5, 2011 22:43

Photo: clubs.ya.ruMany are familiar with the novel of Stephen King's "Firestarter" and watched film, shot on this book. This kind of capacity exists in reality. We are talking about people with a rare ability to involuntarily force of reason or raise the temperature of the surroundings, including their fire. In parapsychological literature, this unique phenomenon called pyrogens or Pyrokinesis.


Similarly, some have the gift of unique persons residing in different parts of the world. Such, for example, is a resident of Paraguay Riccardo Ansell, who look rather focus on any subject, that it caught fire.

Has the talent and a citizen of Mongolia Batmunhiyn Unurma, but her joy is not gaining as directed on and off its ability podzhigatelnuyu it can not. She tried to wear sunglasses and a good time all the water around the water, but it helped a little. Fearing a fire, her parents from her tent had to be asked to stay with their relatives in a multi-storey brick house, but there was still a fire occurred. Opposed to their neighbors spread the rumor about the arson in order to obtain from the state a more comfortable apartment. As a result, these rumors Unurma upset was in the hospital with a nervous breakdown …

Israel has just revealed a woman named Golda Kuts, which was the initiator, at least hundreds of fires. It all started with the fact that as a child Golda quarreled with a classmate, and then glared at her, and a dress on a girl on fire … Bursts "fire" activities carried out with the woman spontaneously, turning her life into a complete hell. She was banned from public places, and in her one room had no windows and wooden furniture, she slept on a dirt floor.

The same qualities possessed and our compatriot Nina Kulagina. Incidentally, it was one of the first, whose psychic abilities began to study seriously. So, periodically Kulagina felt harassed her burning hands, until she tried to transfer this energy to others. As a result, they have reddened skin and blisters appear as a burn.

Fire Breath

Such a breath, as you know, it was a fantastic character dragon. As for the actual existence of people with similar characteristics, they found, but very rarely. It is known, for example, that in the U.S. there is a community uniques, who call themselves "breathing with caution" because otherwise can burn any foreign objects. They found each other by correspondence, and teamed up with the sole purpose — to learn and pass the rest of the group a unique experience conscious regulation podzhigatelnoy ability. The head of the association, for example, one night was attacked by bandits, but he was saved by its own gift. He had only to breathe heavily on the striker, as he immediately got severe burns on his face and shouting retreated.

In the late nineteenth century, this kind of exceptional ability had black people in the U.S. A. Underwood, who agreed to the study, to get rid of spontaneous and uncontrolled power burn everything in sight. For example, he took a handkerchief and pressed it to his lips, took a few breaths. The result comes on the handkerchief. Underwood undressed, carefully inspected, rinse your mouth with water, but still light up a handkerchief from the breath again and again. It is known that Underwood studied very carefully, recorded by all research, but the findings of scientists to do so and failed.

The impact of collective biofield

Many anthropologists who study the life and culture of Alaska Native, noted the ability of local shamans to make fire without flint and matches. It starts with the fact that some shamans get together and lay the material for a fire. After this the actual rite, during which one of them sits a few steps from the heap of brushwood and, meditating, gazing at the dead branches. At the same time, his other colleagues are beginning to jump and perform specific movements with a ritual. Thus they pass the shaman sitting his mental energy. After about half an hour of such antics when all the dancers have struggled to light up the fire. Described as cases where a shaman like that kindled a fire and alone, but it took a great effort from him …

Deserves special attention, and the so-called Holy Fire every year coming down at the Holy Sepulchre in the Orthodox Easter. The very essence of the Holy Fire is the self-ignition of lamps and candles inside the church. For this there is a sacred rite, consisting of many minute details, change or violation of which results in no emergence of the phenomenon. So, for example, once was not allowed into the temple of the Arab Christian youth. Piled on each other, shouting young Arabs violate all that quiet and good order procedure. After all, at first it was thought that you can only pray silently and quietly, and not cry about it and waving his arms. Temperamental Arabs thought it bullies and expelled from the church, but the miracle of the Holy Fire of convergence did not occur until such time as they are not turned back. The fact that exotic dancing shamans and noisy behavior of Arab youth — a phenomenon of the same order, which is attracting a significant share of psychic energy from the environment, which is transformed into the effect of spontaneous combustion fire in one case and the appearance of the Holy Fire in the other.

Although shamanism refers to archaic beliefs and Christianity — and, in particular, Orthodoxy — despite more than two thousand years of age, it is a modern religion, among them in terms of the impact collective biofield found much in common.

Fire poltergeist

This is an extremely rare and dangerous phenomenon consisting in the spontaneous ignition of various items. Why is this happening? Most often unconscious initiators or drivers poltergeists are individuals with various endocrine diseases and adolescents during puberty (pubertal crisis), which have strong and often distorted biofield. But this is not enough, otherwise the fire would have occurred in each apartment, where a teenager or, say, a person with thyroid dysfunction. An additional factor is the presence of a special subtle beings from beyond reality, for simplicity called "spirit," which has a intimate connection with the carrier poltergeist. The man who plays the role of initiator of this natural phenomenon, is a conductor and a catalyst of supernatural forces and at the same time the source of psychic energy, transformed into the energy of fire. Said "spirit" is not a defender or protector of the wearer, however, with this obsession, it uses man, and in some cases even killing him. For example, in the presence of the media set on fire and burn vital things for him or burn him. It is noteworthy that even a light wet objects and objects that are in the home do not have to burn (eg, concrete and masonry), as well as the human body, which is 70% water, but it is often consumed so quickly that of human remains only a handful of ashes …

And what science says?

Science, as always in such cases, the silent, believing these stories fiction and swindle. Pyrokinesis rare phenomenon indeed. However, this does not mean that you should not study or shy away from it like the plague. Parapsychologists take the opposite view — Pyrokinesis is real, and this says a lot of evidence on the part of people who should be trusted. Another thing we do not know until the end, what is its nature. It is believed that the appearance of fire "out of nowhere" — is the effect of the transformation of psychic energy into physical energy that is consciously or unconsciously people possessing great psychic power, especially if they are obsessed with the "evil spirit." This force increases dramatically with collective meditation, when all thoughts are directed to present the same goal. The effect, as described above, particularly the scale and destructive, when attached to the event and imbues it with extra energy being or spirit of the small world that we see in the case of fire poltergeist.

Arkady Vyatkin


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