Generously selling tanks and planes to foreign armies, our defense industry, forgets about their own

Not so long ago, the general director of "Rosoboronexport" Anatoly Isaykin unveiled curious number: Our homeland in recent years exports guns on 8 — 9 billion. bucks. If we compare these data with the year 2000, the Russian exports grew almost 4 times. And in the knapsack orders of "Rosoboronexport" are contracts with foreigners for another 38 billion. Bucks! As we see, our defense industry shock plowing with foreign countries. And our native Russian army for 20 years can not rearm. Why? On this and other issues columnist Victor Baranez asked to answer the famous military professional Konstantin Makienko.

In the knapsack defense — $ 40 billion

— Konstantin, judging by the statements Isaikina, our export business thrive?

— Not only will specify a number. In 2010, the price of Russian exports amounted to more than $ 10 billion. bucks. A 8.6 billion. dollars — the price of the supply only of our main bands of the exporter of "Rosoboronexport". Deliveries are around 1.5 billion. Bucks completed are independent arms exporters. The entire portfolio of contractual obligations Russian exporters achieves 40 — 42 billion., Of which 38 and falls on the "Rosoboronexport".

— In other words, the defense of our work on the "zabugore" missing?

— With a portfolio of 40 billion. dollars and annual supply of 10 billion. bucks, the defense industry provided work for exports at least four years.

— If things in our defense industry is the case, it would seem, only to rejoice …

— Unfortunately, talk about the welfare of export cases is not necessary. Weight problems. I'm in the middle of the main referred to increased competition in our principal markets — India. Plus the highest political risk in the markets of the Near and Middle East and North Africa. Add the political and economic uncertainty about Venezuela. In addition, the Russian arms export system is very languid and bureaucratic. There are other issues that hinder the development of our sverhtehnologichny exports. Thus, the vote of in the UN Security Council in support of the imposition of sanctions against Iran, I think, has led to the freezing of the signed contracts and lost profits in the amount of 7 — 8 billion. bucks. But the prohibition to supply Iran with air defense systems S-300PMU-2 did not fall under the embargo the UN Security Council …

Medalist of the world market

— A phenomenon: for 20 years we hear about the "collapse" of Russian military-industrial complex and, at the same time, go to the advanced workers in the middle of gun dealers around the world. As a matter of fact all the same?

— In fact the situation in the defense industry is very diverse. There are segments in the defense industry, where the country retains world leadership, and technological and commercial. This, for example, combat aircraft, air defense systems, the creation of non-nuclear submarines. But there are sectors where the gap takes dramatic forms. This, for example, unmanned systems, control systems, reconnaissance and communications equipment fighter's personal, small cannon, ammunition and gunpowder.

— And what place in the world at the moment is our homeland on arms exports?

— Our homeland, as is sometimes the report to the media, does not take second place in the export of weapons. That position belongs to England, which exports military equipment worth up to 8 billion pounds, in other words 12 — 13 billion dollars a year. In some years, Our homeland is also inferior to the French, but after in 2007 the country has been the limit for delivery of combat aircraft, its exports fell to 4 — 5 billion euros, and our homeland bested her on this indicator, and now our country couple of years, holds the third position in the middle of the global exporters. And on what we place — can be seen here on this table:

— Which tool and which countries have in most cases and most of all become?

— The main Russian export blockbuster — it Su-27/30 fighters of various modifications. Since 1999, eight of the world ordered a total of more than 450 challenges of these types of machines. Implementation of fighters pulled by a supply of expensive aircraft missiles and bombs and airport equipment. Excellent sold amphibious transport helicopter Mi-17. Our homeland is leading in the number of exported submarines and tonnage sold outside surface ships. Overestimated demand, sometimes surpassing the industry production capacity, there is the means of defense, as a long-range — anti-aircraft missile systems S-300, various modifications — and medium and short range — "Buk-M2" and "Tor-M2". In the last couple of years, Our homeland is also supplied to export a significant amount of T-90S tanks.

India does not skimp

— Is there a "champions" Purchasing our gun?

— About a third of the contractual responsibilities of Russian exporters account for India, it is about 12 — 13 billion dollars. Then there are Venezuela and Vietnam, it is about a quarter of Russian knapsack orders. Eventually 12 billion. bucks contracts falls on the Near and Middle East and North Africa. Here the main partners — Algeria and Syria.

— In connection with the events in Libya, there were rumors that our home could lose at least $ 4 billion. Bucks — on such amount Tipo Gaddafi was going to have to buy guns, tanks. These tools really can already be considered "missing"?

— Yes, it seems that the Libyan market lost to the Russian Federation for seven years — 10. If Gaddafi hold power, Libya remains under the influence of the UN Security Council embargo on the supply of weapons into the country. If the opposition wins (and it is likely only in the case of the intervention of Western forces) will occur political reorientation of the country to the West, the result of which will be pre-emptive purchase of arms in the United States and Western Europe, or dive into chaos and anarchy on the type of Somalia. If the country's anti-Western Islamic regime there, he will buy weapons in China.

China comes on the heels

— Why China and India are so willing to get our gun? Because of their military-industrial complexes are not the latest in the world?

— China since 2005, does not buy in Russia planes and ships. In 2007, China ceded the position of India naikrupneyshgo receiving Russian weapons. At the current time, this country is not in the top five countries — the favorites on orders for Russian weapons. It happened because the Chinese industry is able to meet most of the needs of the Chinese army. Yet the PRC as ever in need of Russian aircraft engines, transport and assault helicopters, maritime and aviation rockets.

As for India, despite significant investment in the defense industry, the country remains dependent on the import of weapons. Task of the Russian Federation in the Indian market — the criteria seal transform the competitive environment in the direct delivery of weapons and military equipment projects for their joint development, production and sales as his troops, and for export. That is already happening, for example, on such programs when, as a fighter fifth-generation T-50 anti-ship missile BrahMos and medium transport aircraft.

— China has successfully copied our Su-27 and of certain other types of military equipment and weapons. And now for some types of military products China crosses our path in the global market instruments. We could take him to the tribunal for "counterfeit"? Well, how such conflicts are resolved in general?

— While the Chinese have gained success only in the export of training and military transport planes, in other words, in those sectors where the Russian Federation or one
hundred percent no proposals or their development is not absolutely complete. But as a result of Russia's accession to the embargo on arms supplies to Iran, Libya and China in the foreseeable future will establish control over the former Russian markets in Latin America, North Africa and the Middle East.

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