Germans protect against errors in Belarus


As reported by the Austrian television commentators OE1, the project "South Stream", to participate in which Russia is increasingly inviting one of the five leading European energy concerns — the German RWE — dangerous from the point of view of the independence of Europe from the Russian fuel supplies. In this regard, recall the bitter experience of Belarus.

OE1, referring to the German economic experts publication Handelsblatt, said that Moscow did not accidentally make such a proposal to the Germans. The Russians "tarpeduyuts Nabucco" (draft transportation of Caspian gas to the EU), betting on the yield of German company from the project, and ultimately hoping for the collapse of the consortium.

According to Austrian media, Moscow chose the right moment to make an offer RWE. Now the Nabucco project is not progressing as it should. To still life is not named exactly when to begin the delivery of gas from Central Asia. There is no certainty that the project will pay off at all. In this sense, participation in the "South Stream" looks for European businessmen are much more reliable and interesting work.

Map pipeline "Nabucco"

As you know, the project Nabucco, in addition to RWE, attended the Austrian company OMV, Hungarian MOL, Bulgarian Bulgargaz, Romanian Transgaz, Turkish Botas. It was assumed that the first stage of the pipeline will provide basic load gas fields in Azerbaijan, and in the second stage to the suppliers join Turkmenistan, Iran, Iraq, and other countries.

In the event of Germans from Nabucco transport Caspian gas to the EU, likely, be unrealistic. But Russia will continue to increase its influence in the European region. Already a quarter of fuel supplies to Europe — Russia. The fact that this dependence creates problems, European consumers have realized, watching the last of the Russian-Belarusian gas conflict, said the Austrian TV channel OE1.

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