Ghosts of twins — harbingers of death

September 27, 2012 0:16

Apparition of a living person — it is an exact copy, even the details of the clothing.

Doubles are of two types:
1) an omen of death;
2) products of bi-location, or projections that occur when a person is in a state of "alienation" (both conscious and unconscious).

Belief that twins are harbingers of death, common in Britain and other European countries. In English, this phenomenon, in addition to words boiYe, also denoted words wraith, fetch, waff, fye, swarth and task. The corresponding German term — Doppelganger.

Doubles Harbinger death, people usually see at some distance from him. These ghosts are exactly similar to those who will die or who just died. In this case, the twin can look like just a real person, or have a ghostly appearance. In very rare cases, people see their own twins shortly before his death. That's what happened with Percy Bysshe Shelley, the famous English poet, shortly before he drowned.

Empress Catherine II once saw his own double, seated on a throne, and ordered the servants to throw him out.

However, not all occurrences of twins indicate the approach of death. Some of them are a projection of consciousness, somehow the host of visually perceived forms. Argue that mystics and men endowed with a special gift, able to project themselves and also have the ability to bi-location (the simultaneous presence in two places). Some people projecting their counterparts, have no idea about it. Many cases of this kind, the researchers described the human mind, have not received a satisfactory explanation.

Since time immemorial, people believe that the spirit or soul exists in the visible double. This belief was especially true for animist communities. Maori believed that twins generally can not be distinguished from the real person, until the phantom did not betray himself by becoming transparent.

Melanesians, the Iroquois and other tribes believed that the soul — a reflection of the body. Niasse like-minded, but possible to monitor the twins only in dreams.

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