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Informal CIS summit is being held in the Crimea. It was timed to the 60th anniversary of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. Experts point to the fact that the event had not been planned. And it came only after it became clear that the presidents of some countries of the Commonwealth wanted to personally congratulate him.

Alexander Lukashenko also flew to congratulate his Ukrainian counterpart. This is today's press-service of the Belarusian head of state. It is noted that Lukashenko is in Ukraine on a working visit. He intends to take part in an informal meeting of CIS leaders in the events dedicated to the jubilee reverence.

Head of Press Service Paul Light, which is also in the Crimea, in a telephone conversation with the "freedom" to say that the plans of Alexander Lukashenko has no meetings in

The plans of Alexander Lukashenko has no meetings in the format of "one on one".

format of "one on one" with his colleagues:

"The fact that there is no need for any special meetings organized format of" one on one ". This is for the simple reason that the summit provides for a fairly prolonged contact heads of state in a convenient format. They will be able to chat and one-on-one, if there is such a desire, and, in a small circle. "

Mr. Light said that today's meeting is not actually on the agenda:

"Not one to two hours, and much more it will drag on. And the atmosphere of the informal summit can talk privately directly during the meeting, and in a broader format, and in a more narrow. Here, of course, there is no order of the day. And it gives you the freedom to select the issues and questions for discussion. "

Since Alexander Lukashenko congratulates departed, I asked Mr. Lung: what gift prepared in Minsk for Viktor Yanukovych?:

A gift is ready for the head of the Ukrainian state. But, of course, what kind of gift, I will not tell you.

"A gift is ready for the head of the Ukrainian state. But, of course, what kind of gift, I will not tell you. "

Columnist Jacob Roman said recently, Alexander Lukashenko was in Astana, where congratulated the 70th anniversary of the President of Kazakhstan:

"But we do not know what he has presented Nazarbayev. And then — unknown. But the kind of "gift" may contain the following information. It was learned that the intergovernmental agreement on the transit of oil for Belarusian plants through Ukraine is not signed. This was announced by the Ukrainian side. And it seems to me that if there is a message from the Ukraine and Belarus silence, then had some problems. "

Here we must add that we are talking about oil from Venezuela, which brought in by tankers in the port of Odessa, and from there transported to Belarus by train. And Minsk was hoping to get from Kiev greatly reduced rates

Yesterday, as already reported, "Freedom", Alexander Lukashenko met in Minsk with Commissioner Stefan Fule. AViktor Yanukovych On the same day met in Kiev with President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy. According to UNIAN agency, Viktor Yanukovych said Ukraine's readiness to become a bridge of rapprochement between Belarus and the European Union. Strengthening the European vector of foreign policy of Belarus, the integration of the Belarusian economy in the EU market meets the national interests of Ukraine, said Mr. Yanukovych.

Roman Jacob said: such a "gift" from Victor Yanukovych will not be happy Lukashenko:

"Here we have to remember — Lukashenko has always formulated its position this issue this: we do not need any intermediaries. "



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