Gift of Tradition

Gift of Tradition

Recently, for the psychological prophylaxis and hygiene, maintaining physical and mental health becoming widely used non-drug methods, based on the extensive experience of traditional gyms East and West.
Among them occupy a worthy place Slavic methods that are more and more acceptance in our society. Slavic health practices based on deep traditions, can be considered as a type of so-called body-oriented psychotherapy, impacting on the human psyche through his body. According to the theoretical principles of body-oriented psychotherapy, mental tension, stress and anxiety are expressed in muscle clamps and locks. They removed one way or another effect on the body massage, special postures and movements.

Body-oriented psychotherapy at the moment is a group of psychotherapeutic techniques to educate the body to the study of how the needs, desires and feelings are manifested in different physical conditions, and training to address problems in this area. The most well-known and basic kinds of body-oriented psychotherapy are bioenergetic analysis Lowen, Rolf structural integration (Rolfing), primary therapy Janov. Vseoni based on the works of the famous Austrian psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, in his method characterological analysis. He believed that the psychological defense mechanisms and the associated protective behavior contribute to the formation of "muscular armor", reflected in the pressure of the various muscle groups, constrained breathing, etc. To counter the psychological defense mechanisms by changing solid state and impact on the tense area. Reich created a technique to reduce chronic tension in each muscle group when using the physical effects are released veiled emotions and feelings. Reich saw the mind and body as inseparable whole and stressed that the release of muscular armor, distorting the psychological and physical functioning, is a necessary addition to psychoanalysis. His method of treatment of neuroses he called "biophysical organ therapy." When working with the muscular armor Reich discovered that release chronic muscle clamped often brings special physical feeling — a feeling of warmth or cold, tingling, itching, or emotional lift. Reich believed that the muscular armor consists of seven basic protective segments, consisting of muscles and organs of their features. These segments form a seven horizontal rings arranged perpendicular to the backbone. The main segments are the shell around the eyes, mouth, neck, chest, diaphragm, abdomen and pelvis. Body-oriented therapy Reich is primarily in the shell blossom in every segment, from eye and ending pelvis.
1. Eyes. Protective shell of the eye appears motionless forehead and "empty" expression of eyes.
2. Mouth. Oral segment includes the muscles of the chin, throat and neck.
3. Neck. This segment includes the muscles of the neck and tongue.
4. Chest. The segment includes large chest muscles, shoulder muscles, shoulders, chest, hands and brushes.
5. Diaphragm. This segment includes the diaphragm, solar plexus, and various internal organs, muscles of the lower vertebrae.
6. Stomach. Abdominal segment includes extensive abdominal muscles and back muscles.
7. Taz. All the muscles of the pelvis and lower extremities. Each segment is more or less independent, can be manipulated separately. Reich found that, as the dissolved muscular armor that fundamentally change a person's life. In blossom shell uses the following tools:

  • accumulation of energy in the body through deep breathing;
  • direct impact on chronic muscle
  • terminals by means of pressure, tingling, etc.;

Review with patient resistance and emotional limitations, which in this case are revealed. Reich developed breathing techniques, emotional emancipation, voltage gain in the blocked areas of the body were the basis of Structural Integration (Rolfing), bioenergetic analysis Lowen and other psycho. Method of Structural Integration — rolfing — Ida Rolf developed. It is based on the views of Reich and psychotherapy is the direct physical intervention used to modify psychological personality. According to Ida Rolf, properly functioning body assumes a direct bearing and low energy costs. Under stress are pathological changes, and the most powerful of them relate to the fascia — the connective tissue membranes covering the muscles. Rolfing has worked primarily with the fascia, which is connective tissue that supports and connects muscles and skeletal system. The purpose of Structural Integration — to bring the body to muscle balance, better matches the lines of gravity, optimum position, where you can draw a straight line through the ear, shoulder, thigh bone and the ankle. This leads to a balanced weight distribution, the main parts of the body and, as a consequence, more efficient operation organizma.Rolfing based on a deep massage with the fingers and elbows. This massage can be very painful. The greater the voltage, the greater the pain, and the greater the need for such manipulation. Rolfing procedure consists of the main activities during which reorganized the entire body. As in the treatment of the Reich, the main importance for the overall health of a pelvis. Another type of body-oriented psychotherapy — bioenergetic analysis Lowen. At Lowen greatly influenced by Reich, with whom he was a disciple. Bioenergy has its origin in the proposed system organo Reich, who is also Loewen. He subsequently became one of the founders of the Institute of bioenergetic analysis. The focus of the body-oriented technology Loewen is given to the body functions as they relate to the psyche. According to Loewen, personality and character are reflected in the physical structure, neuroses are manifested in body image — in body and movement. Prerequisite bioenergetic analysis is the proposition that the feeling, that a man of his own body and which are shown in the movements, are the key to understanding the emotional state. Unified energy contained in the body, manifested in psychic phenomena, and in the movements. This energy is bioenergy. The aim is bioenergotherapy reunification of mind and body, which should get rid of interference to the spontaneous release of the body from stress. According to Loewen, tightness of the body prevents the free flow of energy. Bodily rigidity manifests as muscle stiffness and tension zone forms in the body. Therapy provides stress relief through exercise and certain postures designed to release these areas for relaxation muscular armor. An important element of bioenergetic therapy is learning how to be "grounded" and merge with nature. Bioenergy emphasizes the need to "ground" or rooting for the physical, emotional and intellectual processes. Bioenergy work often focuses on the legs and pelvis to establish a better, more rooted connection to the land. Loewen took into account errors and Reich used the more appropriate term: for example, he spoke of bioenergy, and not on the body (the term is accepted by the scientific community in arms). Bioenergy in the United States is more common than the method of Reich. In the classic body-oriented psychotherapy has a number of important concepts that are fundamental, "energy", "muscular armor", "ground under my feet," etc. With similar concepts we face in the study of traditional Slavic gymnastics. It is "alive" — the equivalent energy "muscular armor" of the Slavs known as "zapadok" and "ground under my feet" — the most characteristic feature of Slavic practices. There are worked necessarily "grow into" the land of feet. People likened the World Tree. And how can a tree be uprooted? Rooting feeds three kingdoms: silver, copper and gold, which echoes the bioenergy Lowen, who believed that the earth must be at physical (silver Kingdom), emotional (copper Kingdom) and intellectual (golden kingdom) processes. Our ancestors knew that the "inner man" can be observed indirectly through the physical body. Any information, backed by a strong energy through energy layer enters the body, including the muscles, reflected there in the form of various clips — "zapadkov." In Russia has always been healers who could "twist" from the body. By editing the joints and muscles lazhenya, healers set up a "string of life" in the body for its proper functioning. In modern terms, energy-correction was performed through an effect on the body. For this purpose offered gymnastic practices, such as "Alive," "Veiga", "Power." In general, any exercise of the Slavic exercises its slowness, gentleness and thoughtfulness balance the pace of urban life, compensating for its negative side effects. Requiring the complete emancipation, relaxation, freedom from stress and unnatural, they are available without a person of any age restrictions. Representing a combination of physical movements and mental component, Slavic gymnastics is a system aimed at the whole person as a whole, the ideal is to achieve harmony of physical and mental strength. Reconciliation of movement and imagination to create a complex effect on all life processes, harmonizing their various manifestations. Relaxed, slow, quiet movements of the body soothe and balance the flow of mental processes (attention, imagination, thinking), and mental activity aimed at management of the movement and maintenance of certain images of his imagination, facilitates and improves the physiological processes in the body. In Slavic gymnastics is a symbiosis of body and mind. Another name of these practices, reflecting its essence, is a dynamic meditation. Meditation (from Lat. Meditatio) literally means "meditation." This concept put different meanings, but options include an internal focus and altered state of consciousness. This internal focus can be achieved either in a static position or in motion, where static is just a special case of the movement. When the state of consciousness, as in the so-called Courage, engaged, following the laws of nature, organizes its energy flow, increases the spare capacity, expands the boundaries of knowledge, stabilizes the mind, causing a sense of integrity in his life, removes the contradiction between the external and the internal, mind and body , thought and action, rest and motion. As a result, the meditator brings itself to a state of balance or harmony, which is the antithesis of an imbalance, and thus — the disease, thus achieving invigorating. The key to managing body lies in our minds. Correctly using this key, we can control the functions of your body, getting rid of the disease and maintaining good health. Slavic gymnastics is an excellent means of distraction from disturbing thoughts and anxiety, means calm, relaxation and recreation. As such, it serves as a psychological adjustment. Psychological adjustment — a method of rehabilitation, including medical self-hypnosis, self-knowledge, neurosomatic training, sedative and catalytic psihotrenirovku undertaken in muscle relaxation and leads to self-education and self-regulation of mental body. In addition, psychological correction is seen as a necessary and effective forms of medical physical culture, using general developmental, and other special breathing exercises for relaxation of muscle tone, which is a reflection reflex manifestation of higher nervous activity, active influence on the processes of mobilization and reducing the level of excitation in the central nervous system, and therefore the activity of all human organs and systems. The physical aspects of psycho-correc
tion are as follows:

  • develop skills to adjust the tone of striated and smooth muscles of the trunk and limbs, or differentiated muscle relaxation;
  • mental regulation of the phase interval of inhalation and exhalation;
  • learning skills are reduced, slow shallow breathing, as well as a differentiated experience parts of the body.

Psychocorrection task — to teach the patient not only to create a dominant, but, most importantly, to subject her to his will, that is the dominant control in suppressing abnormal impulses from the diseased organ or hearth. Therefore, defining and is a basic element-etsya muscle relaxation training on which implements all methods of autogenous impact. All of these tasks successfully solves Slavic gymnastics. In dealing with daily notes improved overall, less exposure to stressful influences, development of will, focus the mind, the imagination, creates a certain interest in creative, enriching life with new content. Long and regular practice can improve all personal manifestations. Develops endurance, resistance to adverse factors. A state of calm, balance, concentration, generated by the Slavic practice exercises, gradually with regular practice can become permanent. In general, the recommended method is comprehensive and balanced system of exercises that have a tremendous positive impact on the psyche. From the foregoing it is evident that the Slavic traditional practices are very ancient ways of healing without medicine for hundreds of years, and even get ahead of the millennium, well known today methods of body-oriented psychotherapy, Reich, Lowen, etc. Unfortunately, a long time they were committed oblivion, but now the interest in them began to grow again. We hope that the priceless heritage of our ancestors will be able to please all those who will not be passive and wait for recovery "like manna from heaven," and boldly entered the path of an ancient tradition.

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