Goddess — Mother

Makos or Mokosh — Slavic goddess-mother on the legends is the wife of Veles (god of trade and animals), symbolizes the feminine helps people patronize needlework and weaving, as well as following the harvest.

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It is believed that Makosh looking for performance and traditions of the fate of each person. Makos very strong goddess, it will obey the gods and humans. Is portrayed as a woman who spins, rarely are such image where Makos has horns. We can certainly say that Makos was in the XVI century. Mentioned in the "Book of Carols," "Word of the idol," various conspiracies, parables and chronicles. Idol was found in the pantheon of Kiev. Sometimes Makosh merged with the well-known to Baba Yaga.

It is not that Makosh only does good to all, and always. As they say the Old Slavic sources, the goddess of 'spinning' and knows the fate of each person. Makos allows people to make a choice, go for dark or light the way.

And as the legends say about it, the desperate man, who gave himself or anyone, "Put your hands down" during his career turns to the path of evil, for which Makosh sends such a person goddesses and gods of failure, misery and misfortune sends to human, and sometimes it can, and to destroy, and then such a person is reborn again on earth, but not in human form.

A man and a brave nasdavavshiysya, kind and honest goes on light — the right way, for what Heavenly Mother Makosh gives him something and send it to the goddess of luck — Srechu, and in difficult situations helps to find a way out.

There were and still go beliefs that Makosh could come down to the people on Earth. Here is an example to believe. If a girl suddenly fell asleep and left the tow, then comes the mother goddess and "start to spin." The custom not to leave the tow is still observed in some villages.

Revered Makosh Fridays of each month. April 8th is the day Mokos, and it's called a calendar day "Proveschaniya Mokos." Earlier in the day held a special ritual called "mokrida" during this ritual was necessary to throw in a well yarn.

Each Friday, it was believed that a spinner can come and give Makosh task: spryast night 40 spindles, and if she runs errands, then Makosh awards it, and later reveals that it could be, if she did not fulfill the task.

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