Good thing not be called marriage

RITA laws or Telegonia

"Do not let your daughters to Strangers … mixing of blood leads to destruction … and this genus, degenerating, dies, …"
(Santee Vedas Perun, Round 1, Santa 8 Slokas 11,12).

RITA laws — is Heavenly Purity Law of Rod and Blood. On the law of Rita, which lived in ancient times, all of Slavic and Aryan peoples in the modern world have learned in the middle of XIX century.
Now to refer to Rita Laws used the Greek name — Telegonia.
In medicine, the phenomenon is called "the first male." Telegonia is imaginative, and the only parameter transmission of heredity from generation to generation.
This phenomenon is constantly faced by those who hold and bred thoroughbred pigeons. If Caesar "trampled" purebred pigeon, it immediately killed. Because in the future, even at the elite "marriage," it will have some "chigrazhi", ie unscrupulous chicks. Any breeder knows that if he does not keep track of his pedigree bitch and her first walk with mongrel, the thoroughbred of zinc from this bitch will not wait ever. This bitch is tainted.

Until the 1960s, scientists from different countries have been many studies in which it was found that the phenomenon Telegonia applies to people. It turned out that not only inherited features of the first sexual partnership, but his disease: sexually transmitted, mental diseases, blood, etc.
In Slavic — Aryan Vedas, and in any religious doctrine of the world, be it the Torah, Bible, Koran, etc., there is mention of the phenomenon Telegonia, except that the word Telegonia in the sacred text is used. The Jews The law says: "A Jew should only marry a Jew."
Now, that stipulate the Slavic-Aryan Vedas: "Do not
Strangers to your daughters, because they seduce your daughters and defile their souls
Clean, and the blood of the Great Race ruin, because the first man in the daughter leaves
Images of the Spirit and the Blood … Blood outlandish images of the children of men Shining Spirit
casts, and mixing the blood leads to the death … and this genus, degenerating,
dies without having healthy offspring, for they will be the inner strength that
kills all ailments, disease … "(Santee Vedas Perun, Round 1, Santa 8 Slokas 11,12).
According to this sacred text, the first man in the life of the Virgin, leaving a symbol of the Spirit and the blood — is a psychological and physical portrait of the children she bears. It is up to the man's usefulness depends on the health and future of children.
All of the following men give women a seed, but giving birth to her children of the first man, who gave her a symbol of the Spirit and the Blood. In addition to the seed of the future men, the woman takes and passes the children various diseases. Received from different men burn energy from the inside, after the oldest and killing.
The first man who broke the virginity of the girl, the only father of all the children she gives birth to in her life, no matter how many men she will have in her life.
Proof of the "phenomenon of the first male" is running TV show "My Family", which, with gentle sympathy watched the entire Russia. We showed how the Slav woman initially lived with a black man, and then she married and gave birth to the Slav negritenochka. They turned on the TV, and it is presented as a miracle.
RITA laws prohibiting interracial marriage Slavic people with Negroid, Mongoloid, evreeidnymi. Blood mixing up these peoples together leads to degradation, blood diseases (AIDS), the degeneration of the entire branch of this kind.
Healthy inheritance our ancestors preserved by virginal purity bride of prostitute girls do not get a good seed. Morally corrupt fallen girl thought unworthy of marriage. When the young man took a wife "tainted" Man, this reunion was called "marriage," and not the family unit.
Clans of the Great Race People need to know that the man during sexual intercourse, the woman gives the energy of one year of his life: the energy of three months is to consolidate the symbol of the Spirit and the Blood, and the energy in the first nine months of gestation. And if a man is sexually promiscuous, he spends his wasted life energy, which leads to premature aging, hair loss. Academician Pavlov noted that the death of a person up to 150 years should be considered violent. The norm of our biological bodies 300-400 years.
When a man lives with his beloved and only wife, the energy loss of life occurs. Ego wife not only gets its power from the life of her husband, but it opens the connection with the cosmos, from which it receives vital energy, restoring what is handed to his wife. Every man should know is his wife, except for periods of hard times (wars, epidemics …). If Rodham Great Race are threatened with extinction, a wife can not refuse her husband to seed another woman, at her request, to extend Rod her husband, who died defending the Fatherland.
Leading a hectic life, a woman gets heart disease, blood, mental illness, and to accumulate various images of their partners, it is ruining the original image of the unborn child, because when layering different images, the original image of the first man blurred. This leads to the birth of children unlike their parents. Children should carry obvious features of their parents.
In Soviet times produced condoms with inscriptions on the package: "Proven electronics." Why gum check electronics? Scientists knew that the symbol of the Spirit is an energy and blood, and did all that it was not. All this led to the birth of a large number of disabled children (freaks and morons, cross-eyed, red, silent, oblique, mental retardation).
The image and mind of a child, to a large extent, affect women used various devices, replacing the male genitals. All the blame lies with those who have it all produces and distributes, under the cover of good intentions.
"The greatest evil — it is ignorance and ignorance '
With Praschurnyh years in Russia said: "Take care of Honor from the youth."
The Slavic lands, the concept of a virgin was the notion of the Image of purity and innocence. When the parents of the groom looking for a bride for his son and came to the girl's parents, the first question was "purely a girl are you? '. The groom's parents wondered if the girl was not married, is she or is not the image of another man, who was sick in their family serious illness? All this they learned to their Rhode prolong viable posterity.
Our ancestors knew that first night married man sends his wife:
Images of the Spirit and the Blood.
The energy of one of Summer (year) of his life (for bearing offspring).
Gift of Motherhood (gift of caring for a child.)
The proportion of female (generic genetic memory of a girl).
Filling his wife way of the Spirit and the Blood, the husband gives her the energy of one of Summer (year) of his life. Gift of Motherhood confers wife, because their main goal in life — to have children. Man sees his wife as the mother of his children. If the image of the mother in the husband to his wife, he saw, the children they can not be.
Husband opens in a Women's share of the spouse — tribal genetic memory, prompting it Wisdom her mother, her grandmother, her great-grandmother. She unconsciously begins to understand what is best, and rightly so. The woman should take her husband, as the only man Celestial Gods allotted to her. She takes care of her husband as her own child.
Fruit of Love — My son — the merger of Earth and Heaven. Woman like Mother Earth Cheese, gives the child's body, Father — The image of the Spirit and the Blood, Alive Lady — Soul, God Patron Roda — Conscience.
Slavs is a family full when it had 16 children (hereditary Circle). Duty to Rod-9 children, 16 children is a thriving family, though it is not the limit. Parenting is always engaged father. RITA law reads: "Do not use in the education of children and the negative of the images. Not prohibit, but to explain! "
Slavic any child, on a subconscious level, imitates and wants to imitate adults. Only by example, raising children Clans of the Great Race. They are able to distinguish childhood love and lovers, family practitioner. They know that love comes and goes, but love remains, and her man is in his heart, passing through the worlds of waking, of glory, of the Regulations.
In 988, the birth of Christ in Russia, a genetic experiment called Christianity. Performed normally gray people. Ie there were mixed marriages. And for all that the Christian God would be responsible for which "there is neither Jew nor Jew" according to the Bible. Baptism — the removal of the relationship between the child and the father, and sometimes parents are not allowed on this ceremony, only the Cross, explaining that the child was conceived in sin. That's right, a mixed marriage — is sin. They know that the mixture — it is a sin, so do the ritual of "The Mystery of Marriage" (rather than "marriage" — "an act of the gods of heaven"), and a good deal not be called marriage. From these marriages began to be born blessed and holy fools that are so proud of the Christian church.


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