Gravity and UFOs: A simple answer to the hundreds of difficult questions




Anistratenko Leonid A. — amazingly versatile man. Scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, journalist — this is a non-exhaustive list of his profession, his school years had a craving for physical sciences, was a gold medalist, on the Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Organization was Lenin's fellows, the same dis-defended sertatsiyu in the field of solid state physics. Worked in Aviation Organization, in academic institutions are. He established and led a company of new technology, "Graviton" in Kaliningrad. Since 1992, because of the same name gives newspaper.

With Leonid A. I are acquainted in St. Petersburg, where he went to an exhibition dedicated to woodworking technology-pits. The point is there that Anistratenko not only is the author of isobutyl Retenu, but also the general Director of the company, which produces equipment for woodworking. More than ten years ago, he was no wait for the investors will pay attention to its development, and created their own production. Then the company released the first sawmill, now she admits you have a fifth-generation machines, and it is considered a trendsetter in the sawmill, not only in Russia but also abroad. Virtually all of products of the company — it's own developments, many of which are for-schischeny RF patents.
However, when the conversation at the meeting, was a different story. Leonid A.
continued scientific inquiry-connected problems associated with gravity. The range includes the interests of the author searches for evidence of the unity of the micro-and ma-kromira, due to the gravity of the mysterious riddles-governmental nature. The result of his research was the discovery, neither more nor less than the law, contrary to the law of gravity of world. Anistratenko believes that all bodies in the world do not attract, camping, and a start! Ego discovery was not the result of thought, and the result of many years of theoretical and experimental investigations of the FIR.
It all began Sept. 3, 1987. On this day, the Scientific Council of the Institute of Mechanics of Metal Academy of Sciences of the Byelorussian SSR was still in session over a five-o'clock. From the ordinary meeting, it was different quantities is present-ing — more than 60 people — and on-topic uchnogo report "Physical-in-kind of gravity and its main features." Breaks were different from the meetings only more rapid on-judgment, and after the official closing of all lasted well into the night.
Discussed at the meeting, but vye ideas about gravity and its physical nature stirred the entire institution, and who was then the Deputy Director for Science Doctor of Technical Sciences, a professor JM Pleskachevsky, The active supporter of new ideas, started after speaker on "file" in the best sense of the word.
Looking back, in ancient times, people were Earth-lu flat — it was obvious. It will be understood that with such a representation of the people have been deprived of much of what they received when under-going understanding that the Earth is, in fact, round. Even more significant jump upwards occurred when, it turned out that not-Sun rotates in a circle of the Earth, which was also evident-tion, quite the contrary — the Earth rotates around the Sun. Without this re-Revolutionary upheaval in world-view would hardly be possible to, for example, space, and as a result, satellite, television, new materials, etc. Then there can be imagined, DEGREE OF change people's choices, if it turns out that the world is not ruled by the law of universal gravitation, and for con-World repulsion.
With years of school, we have learned that the Earth and the Moon, as well as any cosmic body attracted. Just attracted to and make up plans and no part of the particles, down to atoms. But what is the physical meaning of gravitation, which makes them the attracting-vatsya? Pursuing research in the field of solid state physics, Anistratenko conducted numerous calculations on the computer to determine the strength of interaction of atoms. Refined formulas, calculations of the, double-checked the program, conducted consultations with scientific experts in the academic institutes of mathematics, but the result and the conclusions remain the same: the atoms, and thus the heavenly bodies are composed, are repulsive rather than attract.
Leonid A. Then any-thing left to do is remain novit work on his doctoral thesis with the traditional sight-E on the interatomic interaction and not to sin against the truth, go for a revision of Newton's law of gravitation, knowing full well that it looks stormy applause is not called. I will not go into those, theoretically part of the opening-ratenko Amnesty was discussed today, but only tell you what the possibilities opens up a new vision of the nature of gravity.
Do you remember the message of Goro da Sasovo Ryazan region, where unknown how its ok Rainha crater diameter of about 30 meters and a depth on the order of three meters? Which only explanation, including most of exotic, not offered Researchers of. But every explanation does not reduce few questions, and add new ones. Version Leonid A., based on his views on gravity, is very simple and convincing.
She is responsible for hundreds of puzzles that have always played nerazga data. How did the drawings in the pu-styn Pasca? Who leaves the mysterious-governmental circles in the fields? Why do you Merle dinosaurs? How to build hyper-gantskie pyramid? Where did the planes and ships in the Bermuda (and not only) triangle? Anistratenko can answer all these questions, because the physical nature of all these phenomena alone, and ques-tions remain unanswered because of the misconception about the nature of gravity.
From the physical, mathematical and philosophical points of view Leonid A. proved that the repulsion in the nature of the primary and legisla-dimensional and the Newtonian attraction — only an apparent phenomenon, as previously thought, the Sun rotates in a circle of the earth. On the basis of new ideas, he explained many paradoxes in the solar system and the universe, with new positions burst out laughing-rre physical vacuum and torsion-netic fields.
Particularly willing Leonid Anatolia levich tells you which prospects for humanity, opens out new knowledge. As in the time we surprised a wireless radio and cell phones, so we will hit in the near-duschem wireless transmission of electric power.
Knowing the nature of the gravitational signal amplification millionnokratnogo unidentified flying objects, we, similarly, can amplify the brain signals by passing the appropriate control com-mand. After all, today the brain does the same thing. We have, for example, manage-ment car, do not hesitate to do a fantastic job of analyzing every second traffic situation, and of the millions changing-ing the option of choosing one decision along and across the team muscles up-controlled via the car.
We have mastered inertialess sys-tem of the world and learn how to get out of the energy of the cosmos. Devices with the coefficient of efficiency of more than 100 percent will be familiar, and the flights with instant set of velocity and deceleration inertial technology will complement the park today. Spaceships will easily overcome the force of gravitation. And it does not necessarily develop the space velocity and limits the weight on the contrary, what he will, more children, the easier it will rise.
Superconductivity will find life at temperatures above zero, and if you do not get the hang plasma in the range of minus-tion, in temperatures close to zero. Instantaneous pulse of radiation and shock impact of lead to the creation of unique materials and alloys. Surprisingly discoveries await us in nanotechnology.
"It will be in the near future — said Leonid A. — and today it is necessary to analyze the performance of a new conjecture about gravity in various fields of natural science and the urgent setting out to explore the phe-exchange UFO to avoid new "Chernobyl" and "Kursk", the loss of interplanetary stations and, ultimately, human lives, both in co-EMS, and on the earth. "

Eugene Golomolzin.

The results of scientific research are reflected in the book L.A.Anistratenko
"GRAVITY AND UFO: One simple answer to hundreds of difficult questions"

Sensational conclusions about the primacy of the repulsion of bodies in the universe — it's not a fantasy, and the results of research-based, including calculations on a computer. The apparent attraction of Newton introduced to his "law", thus repeating the mistake of Ptolemy against the sun's motion around the Earth. Error Newton started the science to a standstill, and not by chance, most discoveries in space — it is not laws but new puzzles. On Earth, and around the puzzles, no less. Why are we alone unidentified flying objects (UFOs)? Not to mention the abandoned civilizations, crop circles, the killing of animals …

Sent: Graviton (Kaliningrad, Russia) 11.11.2004

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