Grimaces of Juvenile Justice

Grimaces of Juvenile Justice

One of the most controversial issues of the last time in our country is the theme of the introduction in Russia the so-called juvenile justice. Around this theme has broken a lot of copies, and, obviously, the confrontation between supporters and opponents of Yuyu will only increase. In this case, and "yuvenalschiki" and "kontryuvenalschiki" have many arguments to justify a particular point of view. To try to understand the position and to some, and others should not only consider the fact that this very same Yuyu represents, but also to get acquainted with those examples that have shown themselves in the expansion of powers of the juvenile institutions.

So, if guided by an encyclopedic definition of juvenile justice, it is the legal basis of the organizations administering justice in cases of the offenses that make a person who has not attained the age of majority. However, this definition is juvenile justice system with only one hand. Yuyu have another side. This side is related to the presence of various legally binding mechanisms that allow for the protection of children's rights.

It would seem, around which there is to break a lance? Everything seems to be the case: the government takes the responsibility to monitor the human rights of its young citizens and enforce the laws relating to children and adolescents. However, the catch is that the state in the case of the active development of the juvenile justice system actually has an opportunity to be of a minor human institution that has greater weight than family. It was a hypothetical possibility of state intervention in family education in the formation of the child's views, his relationship to the people around him, and is a cornerstone of this issue.

Supporters implementation of juvenile justice in Russia, saying that all the words of the Government's attempts to belittle the role of the family — is fiction. Such attempts state is not going to do, and only going to raise the status of the child, to protect it from the hostile environment, to tell him of his rights. Like, look at how great the juvenile justice system works in Western countries — and we need to adopt such best practices.

I would like to agree, but that's only done it does not give a number of examples of circumstances and is directly from the Russian practice.

The fact that the care of the rights of the child — it is a double-edged sword. If the state is going to protect the child from an aggressive environment, who is in the understanding of the state (in particular, the state of juvenile justice agencies), this is a hostile environment? Given that the average Russian child most of the time with the family and at school, a strange thing … After all, with whom the child is most often in contact, so it eventually can cause a conflict, which is quite natural. But that does not mean that if one of the parents or the teacher he was, shall we say, educational pill that turned bitter, it is a chance to declare that the home or school for him — the aggressive environment.

Despite the absurdity, the essence of Juvenile Justice, to which we are gradually taught foreign "partners", and lies in the fact that the child himself must, roughly speaking, to point a finger at someone who in his opinion has subjected his rights infringed. And if the child also will reinforce the fact of infringement of their rights by, for example, the father, took out as an "educational tool" his leather belt, video recording, for Workers Yuyu — a great reason to go on the most incredible in terms of the way of family education . Namely strip "negligent" father "sadist" parental rights, remove the child from the "dysfunctional" family and pass it to the very juvenile authorities — the child welfare authorities. And there seems to be grafted to the child and all the most humane and proper, as it can only dream of.

Of course, many will consider the above example explicit extreme, but that even when the juvenile justice system in Russia has not been implemented, there are to be no less perverted versions of "child protection" than the one above.

Voronezh region. September 2012. In one of the local educational agencies received a 15-year-old boy who is on the documents as the person left without parental care. When the social worker looks about school, it turns out that the young man alive by both parents. Father — disabled the first group (incompetent). Mother — a healthy woman, as they say, does not drink, is only now working in five dozen kilometers from the city. For objective reasons, to pay constant attention to his son's mother can not, have to feed the whole family. And the young man, in turn, must look after a sick father.

In the end it turned out that at the beginning of the 2012's house decided to come back to them the representatives of the law (as it turned out, tried one of the "compassionate" neighbor, which, she said, she saw the boy several times in mint and indelible clothes). Included representatives of the apartment, which, of course, renovation is no different, and immediately came to the conclusion that education and training is not the boy into proper condition. Like, does not deal with the child's mother and father can not do that because of the dire state of health. In the end, his mother held "outreach" talks, which boiled down to the fact that she was advised in good time to give up parental rights for some time, the state at the same time take care of her child, including care of the financial plan. In a conversation with the mother was found that the child was taken from her without much conversation, saying, quote, the court will still be on our (the guardianship) side …

As a result, the young man was out of the house. Yes — on gosobespechenii, yes — and his clothes washed and ironed, "caring" hands treasury officials, yes — it is full, yes — he has the money for personal expenses. But there is one thing. The young man felt a real moral injury, considering that both him and his parents have been cheated. And he frankly does not understand the purpose for which …

More than once he ran away from the orphanage, but it returned back with threats that if runners do not stop, the boy appearing to be in prison.

Why do the authorities have to go on is this strange way, and why could not just help the family, which is clearly experienced financial difficulties? It turns out that we have in the country formed an obvious bias: to take the child from the family is much easier than to give needy family the same washing machine … It is much easier to reinterpret the status of a minor, written in the mountains of paper, rather than to help the family to overcome the difficulties. And there are thousands of examples throughout Russia. Healthy parents declared incompetent, large families — dysfunctional. What is the purpose? The goal is seen until one: complete the "bed-places" children's homes, rehabilitation centers and other similar establishments to knock them for additional funding and special status. Knocked out of the same budget. Paradoxically, it is an example of how public bodies actually look, I'm sorry, the material for their own work … Inhibits the fact that this material — our children …

That's one of the very grimaces Juvenile Justice, which is designed to protect the rights of the child … But, forgive her if the child such protection. After all, if we extrapolate this example, it turns out that we have in each country of the other parent may be deprived of parental rights, and child sent to an orphanage. Someone forgot to clean the shoes, someone make parents force garbage and even give a slap that time has not passed, and some lesson in school skipped …

Well but how much material to work yuvenalschikov! .. How many undeveloped budget! ..

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