Gunpoint psi — weapons

The fact that there may be a bioelectronic weapons, doubt no longer necessary. Public commission "Phenomenon," created by the newspaper "Trud", managed to get to the inventor who created such a setup. Back in 1974, it was successfully tested in a military unit in Novosibirsk. Even then, the calculations showed that the power generators missing that 6Li-effectively "treat" the city of about one hundred square miles, loaded all of its inhabitants into a deep radioson.

— With the current development of technology such emitter can be placed on a space satellite and process much more space — admitted in a conversation inventor. — And the effects can be quite varied — from artificial sleep to complete degeneration of cells of the human body …

But the problem of the possibility of such weapons of mass — the theme of a special discussion. Today we will focus on the so-called individual "treatment", which complained in letters to our readers. Among them, the workers, and professionals with academic degrees, and even former employees of the KGB.

Can you believe such letters?

— Can. — Said the deputy Zelenograd Council, member of the Human Rights E.Chirkova. — I said confidently as personally know this "kitchen". The impact on me is from somewhere, maybe from upstairs. There is the following: attacks the muscles, leg cramps, burning, pain in the ears, heart arrhythmia, clicks in my head, the appearance of spots on the body burns … Pain immediately pass, is to step aside.

— I understand — said Emily S., — that those who have not been subjected to such an impact, I am saying distrust and even doubt. But there is help from health care, to fix the appearance of a "postradiation destruction" and "thermal burns." In addition, we have organized an initiative group, measured the levels of radiation in some apartments. The results showed that the electromagnetic fields there in tens or even hundreds of times prevplayut limits.

Another victim of the "psi"-weapons — politkatorzhanin former and current PhD Slepuha Valentine says:

"At the root of the development of techniques" psi "-effect in our country stood daughter F.Dzerzhinskogo — Margarita Taurus and" associate "D.Luni. The main focus was on the use of psychotropic drugs based on natural and synthetic drugs. But even then, it was noticed that the effect of deformation of the mind much faster if the ward is in the high-frequency field. "

Today, this means targeting the RF field in a confined space is quite diverse. The generator can be in a sufficient distance, and can be used as an emitter wire telephone network, telephone, TV, radio, light bulbs, water pipes … Remember the scandal last spring, when the "White House" in the rooms next to the cabinet Yeltsin was found allegedly overhears equipment. Then the "techies" were forced to admit that the directional antenna was designed for the radiation, not to receive …

By the way, I know, says V.Slepuha that Academician Sakharov during his exile in Gorky also noted the presence of an electromagnetic field of high tension in the apartment. And somewhere in May last year, the radio "Freedom" aired evidence of "prisoners of conscience" that the microwave technique was used in 1989-1990 in the detention center in Vladivostok, in Lefortovo in Orel special psychiatric hospital and the Institute Serbsky …

Chronicles of a social movement that combines the victims of "psi"-terror:

— in June 1991, Yeltsin sent message by the group of Zelenograd deputies in the 150 signatures to investigate the case of the application of bioelectronic weapons;

— appropriate paper attached to them numerous letters of complaint to the Public Prosecutor of the RSFSR gone;

— in August, during the coup, General Kobets publicly stated on the possible use against the defenders of the "White House" psychotronic generators;

— September Chirkova received a reply that the papers were sent to the Public Prosecutor of Russia transferred to the military prosecutor;

— in December, a group of victims 'psi', tsrrora picketed with signs at the walls of the "White House";

— in the same month a similar rally lined up in front of the former KGB's Lubyanka;

— only a detailed answer, more like a formal reply came from the prosecution of the former USSR in November last year — says E.Chirkova — It said that "in the present time in various parts of the country observed the microwave study, exceeding the norms. Source and the radiation can be radars, industrial microwave installation, defective household microwave ovens, etc. "

Data on the use of the KGB microwave irradiation to control the behavior or people's minds, and the use of psychotropic substances and gases Procurator's Office, it was clear from the letter that HE has. Grounds for intervention of the prosecution is not available.

The answer is, indeed, somewhat formal. First, in recent years have increasingly become publicly known cases (but without clear evidence), when the former KGB still used psychotropic substances. That's a famous writer Voinovich recalls that during one of the calls to the committee his drugged some drug … Secondly, the links to the defective microwave ovens and radar look too convincing. At least, they can not explain why the levels of electromagnetic fields in homes increased irregularly, but quite distinct areas, such as in the areas of the bed, the table above normal, and in the kitchen, in the hallway — almost zero …

Meanwhile, the facts recorded in the minutes of an independent group of Zelenograd, and references of the SES, who managed to "knock out" some victims 'psi', terror.

In general, the more commission "Phenomenon" is concerned with "psi"-arms, the more often encounters a strange wall of mystery and innuendo. For example, recently in the press slipped message that R.Hasbulatov was forced to leave her apartment because of the mysterious circumstances. One possible reason for relocation was called elevated levels of electromagnetic radiation. But we have failed to clarify the extent doctoverno. Could not figure out, and on what facts relied General Kobets, making a statement about the psychotronic generators.

To date, one thing is clear — the situation is very strange. On the one hand, the numerous demands of the victims of a possible "psi"-terror to conduct an objective investigation, and the other — unconvincing answers. And that, frankly, worrying the most.

Of course, the sensible person will ask, What is the reason to handle "psi"-arms in general, the ordinary people? And again, the number of complainants — hundreds, then, you need a lot of state of the art technology for bioelectronic radiation victims. Afford it make it in such a vast scale, even the all-powerful military-industrial complex? Add to that an army of agents to service these devices … They Veda also need to pay. Who is on the money? And anyway, is not whether it is about a natural phenomenon?

Well, in any case, to study the problem, to help get rid of hundreds — while hundreds! — From the people suffering from the suspicion that they are trying to silence the woes, stress anxiety, which they unwittingly made available in the surrounding …


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