Gynecology in Russia has become a weapon of genocide

In the implementation of human rights activities were able to identify another way to genocide of the Russian people fascist vandals seized power in the country.
When she comes to the antenatal clinic for pregnancy, she naively believes that is as highly qualified professionals to ensure the health of her and her unborn child. In this case, the patient's condition is close to the concept of "helpless."
At this point, it and its power to capture the murderous sectarian, or those whom they are being manipulated without their knowledge.
If you are lucky not to get on a short term "to preserve", where a large percentage of women go without fruit, then the cause is taken gynecologists district antenatal clinics.

Murder is as follows

If you are a little over 30, you will be sure to be referred to a geneticist. Geneticist under false pretenses generally directs the patient to amniocentesis.

Murderous cordocentesis.  Gynecology - weapon of genocide.This operation ("analysis") is taking amniotic fluid from the uterus. In another case (to an even later date) the doctor may refer you to cordocentesis, which essentially is take blood from the umbilical cord.

Many complained that they were lying, that "analysis" these are mandatory and give them supposedly impossible.

According to all the friends I kaliningradok appropriate, both of these operations are actually the fruit of the willful murder of 95 — 98%-significant result.

Very often, cordocentesis (the murderous operation) is sent after a screening ultrasound, according to which those who are 30 or more, 100% but are diagnosed with "down." The diagnosis imposed only in oral form.

He is truthful. This fact has been established many times my friends, who refused to believe and do more research, and then gave birth to normal children.

Citizens! Be careful!

We have long been living in a country that is proud to be called Homeland. You are looking at here only as to the material.


Neither medical intervention is not possible without your consent.

Nature has provided 100% protection against pregnancy abnormalities — a natural miscarriage in early pregnancy. If it does not, then your unborn child healthy.

Here I came to this view through a series of interviews with pregnant women and young mothers in Kaliningrad.

One expectant mother is clearly not out of good intentions after the U.S. said that her baby (fetus for a longer period) no head. Only through personal exposure and persistence woman gave birth to a healthy baby.

The other in early pregnancy said that she allegedly ectopic pregnancy, which requires emergency intervention with the murder of the fetus under the threat of death mother. This diagnosis was also complete nonsense. The murder was thwarted by flight from general hospitals.

I ask you to be taken seriously in the topic and write their comments.

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