Halls of the Slavic-Aryan Yoga

Photo: via-midgard.info

Photo: via-midgard.info

What do you know about the Slavic-Aryan Yoga? I do not think a lot and this is a logical explanation. The fact that the system of the Slavic-Aryan Yoga has never been made public until today it has been preserved thanks to communities Kapenov-Ynglings.

Many believe that the birthplace of yoga is India. This is not entirely true. In India, yoga was a "new life" and a new development, but initially the yoga system was introduced in India Kapenov-Ynglings from modern-day Eurasia during the legendary expedition of Rama (Rama's campaign you can read in the book of Edward Schure "great initiation").
Yoga system was developed exclusively for soldiers on extended hikes. System to strengthen their spirit and physical body, allows you to quickly heal and recover from the battles. Not only that, the system of yoga allowed conquer enemies in all the most difficult conditions, since any change to the fabric of reality …

The very first of all the systems Yogi Kapenov-Ynglings consider the so-called cold yoga. This yoga with machetes. Cold Yoga has nothing to do with martial arts. This is the real yoga, but all exercises are performed with one or two blades (knives). These knives are able to master yoga cold cut reality and "reshape" it at will and desire. I myself many years practicing yoga and cold can not help wondering harmony and practical efficiency of the system.
Rama brought to India cold yoga, and all the other schools of yoga have evolved from it. Next Yoga developed and evolved in India as well as the Slavic peoples. Now, unfortunately, we only know Indian schools of yoga, and they are many. In the Slavic-Aryan Yoga also have different in nature and purpose of direction, but they are presented in a single tree of life and are 16 Halls
Here is the structure of the Slavic-Aryan Yoga:
1. Abode of the Virgin (apple) — Goddess jivas (Goddess of Life, and the souls of men.)
Exercises temple maidens reinforce and nourish the human life force, give health and longevity, open internal capacity.

2. Palace Boar (pear) — God RAMHAT (God of justice and order)
Exercises temple boar sent to changes and harmonization of the external world of man. Help to find and understand "their place in the physical world."

3. Pike's palace (plum) — Goddess of erysipelas (Goddess of prosperity, wealth and comfort of sincere)
Exercises palace pike brings to life the human well-being and peace, and develop sensitivity and intuition.

4. Palace Swan (pine) — Goddess Makos (Goddess of Destiny)
Exercises temple swan associated with clearing of karma, the alignment path in life, attracting good luck.

5. Palace of the Snake (linden) — God Semargl (Ognebog. God of Death and the fiery purification)
This system applies the Halls "combat" exercises aimed at quick and effective destruction of enemies.

6. Palace Crow (larch) — God KOLYADA (God of celebrations, rituals, and changes)
Exercises temple crow laws of the universe give insight. Contribute to the accumulation of magical power, the perception of the subtle world. Dramatically change lives.

7. Bear palace (beech) — God Svarog (God of fire, blacksmithing, heavenly blacksmith and a great warrior.)
Exercises temple bear aim to increase physical strength, achievement of objectives, implementation desires at the physical world.
The same applies Halls priestly system of exercises, opening passages to other worlds.

8. Stork's palace (willow) — God ROD (God and the ancestors of the genus)
Exercises temple Stork open memory of past lives, provide protection, support, and knowledge of their ancestors.

9. Palace Wolf (poplar) — God Veles (The owner of Wildlife, the ruler of the unknown)
Exercises reinforce temple wolf man's connection with the world of subtle. Open the possibility of traveling "outside the body." Provide knowledge in the field of magic.

10. Abode Fox (Grubb, Currant) — Goddess of Marin (Goddess of Winter)
Exercises of this palace are aimed at preservation of youth and life extension.
Priestly exercise system that allows you to control people's palace and the forces of nature. Reveals mysteries.

11. Abode Tour (aspen) — God Kryshen (The patron god of the Ancient Wisdom. God, managing rites and holidays)
Exercise temple Tour promote spiritual growth, give wisdom, understanding of the processes of the universe.

12. Palace of Los (birch) — Virgin LADA (Heavenly Mother)
Exercise temple Elk able to resolve conflicts between people and help to find the "other half", to get the family fortune, become more attractive.

13. Finist palace (cherry) — God elevated (The patron god of the universe in the World Navi)
To the Halls of Finist exercise system is based on the transformation of one energy to another (alchemy of the body).
Some exercises of this temple as temple fox, can prolong life and give the "immortality." Other exercises were healed of serious illnesses.

14. Palace horse (Elm, Fern) — God KUPALA (God of fertility)
Activities that contribute to the achievement of this temple its objectives by cleansing the body at the level of body, soul and spirit.

15. Palace Eagle (oak) — god Perun (Patron of soldiers and protector of land)
This Halls is a large complex of exercises that allow you to realize its full potential at the level of the physical world, change your way of life and way of life of another person (the study of the walking on the karmic threads).

16. Race palace (ash) — God Dazhdbog (Tarhi) (God is the Guardian of the ancient Great Wisdom)
This applies Halls priestly system of exercises that can change and create reality according to the will of the initiate.

The structure of the Slavic-Aryan Yoga slim enough and together with a common philosophical base. Each palace of its own system of exercises, their characters, their patron god.


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