HBCC — Recent sightings report of 29.10.2004




13.10.2004 6ch45m — Hood River, Oregon
The fireball flew like a meteor across the sky.

16.10.2004 7ch30m — Ft. Myers, Florida
Flame Orb, surrounded by five rings like Saturn.

3ch34m 01.10.2004 — Phoenix, Arizona
The fireball, which changes its shape to diffuse clouds, and then again "going" into the bowl.

19.10.2004 19ch20m — Kaufman County, Texas
Clouds moving across the blue sky in the direction opposite to the movement of all other clouds, right on the observer, in the course of flight cloud transformed into an angel with wings, in his right hand which was a torch, and he waved his left hand as a unit, hair was long and evolved the wind.

25.10.2004 12ch36m — Jasper, Georgia
Multicolored ball that shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow, then dimming, then flaring up.

27.10.2004 18ch45m — Ottawa, Ontario
Seen shaped object behind the rocket, which was seen like a rocket exhaust plume.

Source: www.hbccufo.com 29.10.2004
Translation: Sergo 02.11.2004

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