Health Ministry wants to force Ukraine to withdraw from deceased persons

Health Ministry wants to force Ukraine to withdraw from deceased personsThe Office proposes to introduce "presumption consent 'for Organ after death
About the beginning of the preparation of the bill said the chief transplant Health Ministry of Ukraine Oleksandr Nikonenko.

The Office proposes to introduce "presumption consent 'for Organ after death and transplant them to other persons. The change in the law would allow authorities to seize any transplant deceased, who denied in life.

Thus the Ministry of Health plans to radically change the existing law of Ukraine "On the transplantation of organs and other anatomical materials of man", which regulates the right to withdraw the internal organs. Because now it bears a "presumption of dissent" of the potential donor.

Now, according to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the country has a state target social program "transplants" are 7 state transplant centers. Each year, they could make about 6,500 liver transplants, heart, kidneys, and help patients with diabetes mellitus.

However, according to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine chief transplant, doctors do only 1% of the required operations. Last year, only 86 patients transplanted kidney — only because of a donor family.

Managed to do a liver transplant 14 patients, and only one — of the heart. These figures in the Ministry of Health explain virtually no internal organs. MP, Secretary of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Health Lilia Grigorovich, physician specialty, in an interview said that in the ten years of the Law on the transplant medical centers actually did not do anything to encourage people to donate — there is no public service announcements or explanations the dignity of such deeds, transfers

"We have people who want to do good. I know so many people who are willing to join the donation, but they need to call, "- Mrs. Grigorovich.

Another reason for the shortage of voluntary donors Kharkiv Human Rights Group analyst Andrew Rohan sees that potential donors are afraid to cooperate with the state, because it is not able to classify the medical databases.

"For example, people want to give their organs when he dies. So it will kill somewhere around the house! "- Warns defender.

Rohan though considers the initiative to reform the Cabinet of transplantation in general, progressive, insisted that the bill be taken into account not only the interests of medicine, but also the interests of, for example, those people who, for their religion can not be a donor after death. "Take all the internal organs to the discretion of doctors? If you enter the presumption of consent is not an option, "- says Rohan.

Irina Senyuta of the "Foundation for Medical Law and Bioethics of Ukraine" recalls that Ukraine has signed the International Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine concerning Transplantation of organs and tissues, which provides for a consent and prohibits the removal of organs, if the deceased objected.

As reported, prosecutors Kyiv region in autumn 2011 gave the court a criminal case against the two leaders of the local branches of the Kiev regional bureau of forensic medical examinations and pathoanatomical head office of one of the central district hospital on charges of transplantation of human eyes from corpses persons.

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