Held: The opposition leader has broken head of the plant

Today Leninsky court Mogilev recognized volunteer civil campaign "Tell the Truth" Oksana Samujlova guilty of beating a chief of industrial safety of the plant "Liftmash" Alexander Shulava. Judge Irina Soroka activist punished by a fine in the amount of ten basic units -350,000 rubles. According to the judgment, beating Shulavym Samujlova not established.

The reason for the trial was the detention guards factory "Liftmash" Oksana Samujlova and activists created the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Constantine Tyrtychnaga. May 19 at a location to the enterprise territory they were handing out paper work "Free news plus" with information about the project "One hundred persons in unemployment" civil campaign "Tell the Truth."

According to activists, two guards attacked them, violence was dragged into the building of the plant and held there for more than an hour. Then handed over to the police department of Mogilev Lenin.

Later in the police department with allegations of beating and asked Oksana Samujlova, and Alexander Vereya. Forensic examination found that both have injuries that do not bear the long-term health damage. In Samujlova were numerous bruises, and Shulava — scratches on the back and a bruise.

Within two days, the court questioned the participants of the incident. Besides Samujlova Oksana and Alexander Shulava, two witnesses gave testimony on the part of activists and five — by the head of the plant protection department. Oksana Samujlova believes that the judge made an unjust sentence:

Where did I come from a beating, it is unclear …

"I hoped that I would be given a fine, but they will also fine Shulavu. Court turned so that he was not given anything at all. Where did I come from beating, it is not clear. Witnesses it contradicted each other. Obviously I could not beat the way security chief . We will fight on. We have not violated any law. "

Lawyer activist Natalia Snowstorm that the bodies, which were administrative process did not give estimates of the incident. The guards did not have the right to detain activists, as there was no threat to the company and its assets:

"Samujlova also distributed printed edition. State shall ensure non-interference in the exercise of this freedom, that is, that a citizen can not intervene just so, and he did such an intervention and violated articles of the Constitution. Moreover, has violated the right to liberty and security without reasonable grounds. "

Alexander Vereya after the court refused to answer a reporter's questions. Accompanied by a good guy, he quickly left. The court he stated that Samujlova beat him in the shoulder when he took her newspaper.


"Tell the truth"Samujlova

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