Homing sniper rifle developed by the American company TrackingPoint (video)

Homing sniper rifle developed by the American company TrackingPoint (video)
TrackingPoint American company began selling the deadly sniper rifle sight with complex computer, which allows the shooter can not miss.
The problem of firearms — one of the most unhealthy in the South American society: what if South American offenders and psychopaths always able to shoot without missing their victims?
This is with reference to the foreign media correspondent writes Publishing radio «Voice of Russia» Konstantin Kherroubi.

Directly behind the «smart» phones, smart phones, «smart houses» and «smart cars» begins to appear smart gun. Texas TrackingPoint arms company started selling the latest sniper rifle sight with computer: arrow rather elect a goal to press the trigger and the gun itself will decide when he shot to get guaranteed «in the bull’s-eye.»

The American company TrackingPoint announced at CES layout sniper complex PGF (Precision Guided Firearm)

The Company recorded a nice video with computer graphics, carefully describing how the introduction of a new instrument. Now do not even need to put an arrow to the eye sight, clear guidance can produce an assistant with the tablet, which pinpoints computer rifle where to shoot.

Homing sniper rifle developed by the American company TrackingPoint (video)
Rifle sight TrackingPoint. Source: newshour24.com

The shooter will be required only to put pressure on the trigger and try to bring a rifle toward the target. Wind power, distance and other conditions of the computer will calculate to hit the target without the help of others.

Obviously, you can do away with a rifle and alone. Fixation target is performed using computer color viewfinder and a button next to the trigger: this method implementation TrackingPoint shown «live» without the use of computer graphics.
As reported by NPR, sniper rifle capable of effortlessly hit the target, located 500 meters from the shooter, the significantly facilitate the preparation of snipers. As noted, the computer records the sight his work on video and has wi-fi connection to connect to the tablet. «Builds» purpose rifle can in ordinary or infrared spectra.
Brand new rifle entered the market at a cost of $ 22.5 thousand (six months reversed its promised to do a quarter cheaper), but, as reported by the website TrackingPoint, the number of pre-orders has exceeded the ability of the office for the production of rifles. The gun itself is not based on any existing swatch sniper rifle and uses Finnish cartridges .338 Lapua Magnum or .30 Carbine.
Noteworthy that the company decided to sell its new product only directly, registering all of its clients and forcing them to set a password on the computer sight, that they did not use foreign or kids. In general, to sell a gun sights TrackingPoint collected and other companies. For example, «Remington» wants to sell more affordable rifle sight with computer at a cost of five thousand dollars
Homing sniper rifle developed by the American company TrackingPoint (video)
Riflescope TrackingPoint

In TrackingPoint emphasize that the analogues of these sights is neither from other companies, nor the military. With all this Texas gunsmiths suggest using these rifles, first for hunting and sport shooting, choosing as the target audience youth addicting social networks. Because TrackingPoint pays great attention to the publication of videos with their child on YouTube and creating games for mobile phones.
But experienced hunters took TrackingPoint cool. So, Chris Vilbrett (Chris Wilbratte) said NPR, that the use of such weapons in hunting and shooting is comparable to sitting duck. In his view, the killing of animals by means of this technology does not ask for any abilities and therefore is unsportsmanlike and unethical.
Chris Frandsen (Chris Frandsen), a Vietnam War veteran and Democratic candidate for election to the House of Representatives of the State of Texas in 2012, told reporters that such sniper rifles under any circumstances can not be sold to civilian persons. Homing sniper rifles in the hands of terrorists may prove even more severe and deadly weapon than bombs. For example, taking a camouflaged position overlooking the town meeting, concert or other crowded place, a terrorist can destroy the 10’s people before he was able to pinpoint.
So makarom novelty TrackingPoint further aggravate the U.S. public debate about banning firearms. Questions may cause humanity and validity of the implementation of such rifles not only for hunting if they entered service intelligence agencies, a perfect illustration of the video of the murder of a terrorist who took someone hostage, already many seem daunting.
Is it possible to trust a computer technician? Well worth the wait of «antioruzhiya» that could damage the computer or fool sight. Experts still agree in worldview that predict the effects of guns, like TrackingPoint, on the battlefield or in the hands of private individuals, is somewhat unrealistic.
Homing missiles drastically changed the ways of war in the air, but the requirements for training and skill combat pilots or operators of air defense systems not only not decreased but increased even repeatedly.
In the Land of the Rising Sun in the current time broadcast anime series Psycho-Pass, where the protagonists use special homing weapon, but it has built special protection that allows you to «fix» Only those people who did sin, or at what just took shape only criminal plans.
In general, went on sale rifle TrackingPoint still who to shoot.

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