Hong Kong travelers have discovered another Noahs Ark on Mount Ararat




Two Hong Kong travelers Andrew Yuan and Boaz Lee claim that they have found the wreckage of the real Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat is about 18 kilometers away from the officially recognized by the location of the remains of the biblical vehicle. About this they told the newspaper in an interview with Hong Kong's South China Morning Post.

Hong Kongers say that climbed Mount Ararat in October by the secret paths referred to them by local Kurds. The remains of Noah's Ark, they found at an altitude of about 4,000 200 meters above sea level.

"We saw the icy wooden platform with fragments of walls around the edges, it all looked like the remains of a huge wooden box," — they said in an interview.

Hong Kongers produced a videotape, but, according to them, a kind of "miraculous power" brought them out of the camera system. As a result, the only evidence became quite murky photos that Andrew and Boaz depicted on a snow-covered mountain slope against the unknown dark object, RIA "Novosti".

Now Hong Kongers are collected with the participation of an international expedition of archaeologists to rise again to the same place next summer.

Fifteen years ago, the Turkish authorities on whose territory is Mount Ararat, declared a national park area around the icy core boats, "officially" recognized the remains of Noah's ark.

Hong Kongers say their discovery is more like the Ark of what these "officially recognized" butts.

Boaz Lee is the pastor of an evangelical church in Hong Kong, and Andrew Yuan — one of its most diligent members.

Battery News, 23.11.2004 10:21
Source: NEWSru.com

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