How to choose a healer, not to get on the quack

The first thing to ask for documents and license.

Many of us have often turned to various astrologers, soothsayers, healers and other professionals from non-traditional occupations. If an astrologer and soothsayer no problems, most often they are predicting a bright future and the more you pay them, the better you will be, with healers question is different.

Alternative medicine has always been popular among people, especially those who do not trust doctors. But if the astrologer wrong except the future does not hurt, it depends on the patient's health is a healer, and if he gets on the cheater, all can end disastrous way.

Whiskers and tail — my documents

As in any profession, the healers should be documentation showing that he has a medical degree. Quacks who do not know where the spleen or kidneys — most likely — charlatans.

Also, people in the know say that practicing healer necessarily demonstrate a beautiful certificate with bows or diploma Internship Placement Hippocrates. But it is necessary to understand that it says absolutely nothing about his qualifications, that as the documents that can prove mastery healer does not exist.

However, the existing license of the Ministry of Health, certifying that the person is an idiot and can be close to other people at bay.
Not to get on a charlatan better right at the start of reception ask for a license. In the presence of this license, you must make sure he came to the reception.

Look sharp

If you do decide to give yourself the power of the healer or medicine man, you should not be baptized or zazhmurivatsya hoping to chance, we offer some nuances that are worth paying attention to the first call, they will help you determine: who is in front of you — a specialist or crook .
— During the first visit, you almost do not talk, do not offer diagnostic procedures, and immediately begin to convince the costly treatment.

— Do you propose to start treatment immediately, although flare you do not.

— You are predicting a serious illness or even death if you do not start the proposed treatment.

— Are you making any money or give some without giving any explanation as to their purpose, composition, and without asking your permission.

— You are given no opportunity to consult on the future treatment of other people, demanding an immediate advance.

— You are told that this treatment helps all and always, and completely safe.

— You are required to stop taking all medications that you are taking before.

— When you allow incorrect statements or attacks on other doctors and those that treated you before.

— You refuse to provide a treatment plan or any other documents (diagnosis, etc.) related to your condition.

— You refuse to issue a check for the money paid for the treatment.

— All you require full prepayment for the entire course of treatment.

If you are exposed to some of these signs, better refrain from the proposed treatment, because the risk of becoming a victim of fraud is higher than the opportunity to receive quality medical care. Health is not joking.

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