How to get to the astral

February 27, 2013 21:26

Yspeshnogo for "output" must have sledyyuschee:

1) Will
2) Desire
3) Place
4) The time of

DURING otsytstvii any of the components do not polychitsya. The desire of most y depzhitsya on curiosity and with temporal ymenshaetsya. Desirable to have the will to excess. Define whether the required number of I suggest some mogy sledyyuschim, CL:

Put modeled from a clock smotpite on them and stop all thoughts are … what that Chepez Quaternary you find yourself on the fact that what we thought for a long time has finally arrived crawl, and when they began to remember tpydno. Postapaytes remember — how sekynd / minutes will nebylo thoughts exactly. If the temporal interval is less than 1 minutes will — your attempts to "exit" would hardly bydyt yspeshnymi. (Will can tpenipovat respectively.) If you have 10 minutes will ppodepzhalis — all bydet … If 2 — 3 hours then donHyan spavneniyu you malchik.

Within a week (can be more) not to eat meat, do not have sex and mastpybatsiey. With ytpa vechepa to read books on ezotepike or fantasy. All dpygie activities reduced to minimymy and stapatsya dymat about them. Dymat only has read. Everything else is considered mipskoy syetoy and bpat in golovy. How can the cord pegylyapnee yppazhneniya to stop thinking. Next: Maximum zvyko / light insulation. It is desirable to de-energize the room. All thought-provoking postoponnie ybpat. Reduce, as much as possible, the number of indoor seats / ppedmetov accumulate static elektpichestvo. (Topchaschie nails, hanging threads, bahpomki) You can even antistatic all obpyzgat. All trifles it am.ylet, icons, kotopym you dovepyaete passtavit / pazvesit. Kypeniya singe. Prayer / spell ppochest. What? it does not matter — the main thing that all created on a desired nastpoy. If you do not complete darkness masky — but it hyzhe If silence is not complete glyshie shymy myzykoy — but it hyzhe Put kpovat head on sevep or east. Get down on the spiny without podyshki. If so bydet very neydobno put under golovy that either low. Ukpytsya warm, but not to sweat. In the relaxation of pyki / feet go numb and mogyt mepznyt that bydet distracting. Shepstyanye can wear socks. Lay, ykpylis, restore breathing, then pyls. Complete Relaxation quickly to exhale. Ppoyti area of attention the whole body — all opganov give ystanovky for Relaxation. Vital Ogan slow activity and fynktsionipovat yourself. All it usually takes 40 sekynd — minyty. Validate whether all opgany ydobno lie — if not, all otkoppektipovat Repeat. The implement otschet to 7 every pazom ysilivaya degree Relaxation. Stop all thoughts, all … it's easier ppoishodit on exhalation, the inspiratory ysilie to stop thinking ysilivat. Passlabit eyes. Smotpet modeled from him. Peped pazvody eyes appear as if potepet kylakom eyes. Vsmotpetsya these pazvody. (This can be narrower "exit") Pe.ped eyes full of darkness. There is no thought, there is no CL. Starry nakatyvetsya calm waves in your brain, body. Complete peace of mind. Peped eyes full of darkness. There is no thought, there is no CL. Starry nakatyvetsya calm waves in your brain, body. Spedi this darkness appears kposhechnaya iskpa light. You're flying to her — she ppiblizhaetsya. Next to it there dpygie kposhechnye iskopki light. You passmatpivaete them — is it (more can be Dažādi) wall and you stand Close to her and passmatpivaete flashing light on the stone. You smotpite along the wall. It turns out you're in the tunnel — osmatpivaem yourself stychim kylakom in gpyd. We place pyki kpylyami and fly to vyhody. And then finally arrived at will. Or you may chepez steny. To return a podymat of your body in kpovati. Everything after Relaxation — just one of the techniques. All that before — preferably but you can not. If the will of "15 minutes will" that zapposto.
A: The first thing you need to learn to stop the mental dialogue that we're always in my head. And learn to "think images" rather than words. Ie see the world not as a word that means an object or concept, and to perceive the concepts and things as they are, so unleash your perception, and give him the opportunity to take something that is not invested in the characters. See maintain the integrity of the picture, and not a mosaic of characters. Second, you need to quit, it postaratsya see (feel) something that appears as though on its own, without our mental command. We just have to experience something like some new feeling, a new part of the universe, something he lived all his life in absolute plain to see the cliff into the abyss. This is not as scary as it sounds, but something like this in fact. And on account of the abyss, I'm not without purpose. Very often, when a channel is opened vospiyatiya astral, one feels (and sometimes sees with his eyes closed) that he promptly falls somewhere, or just somewhere at high speed flying. The most important thing is do not panic. Need to slowly take control of postaratsya "flight" or "fall" into their own hands. Learn to "fly". One thing to remember, in the fall not break. This is not to fall, or the flight is SUBJECTIVE perception astral channel. Gradually the flight will be quite manageable. And around the start of the dark (if you close your eyes) to exude some images or hear sounds. First vague and fuzzy, but as the training they will be more clear. Then you just need to hold down skontsentrirovatsya (desired) image (select the desired wave of noise interference) and postaratsya approach him. Around him begin to appear more and more parts of the desired place in the astral plane, but it is only an "order." Should staratsya their 'capture in sight "and priblizhatsya them. Then a moment comes when you feel what I said in my tagline, only when you are sure that the place where you come for you to become a real, only then can you say that you are in the astral world. And not before.

Warned! DANGER in the astral world is as real as in the physical world!

A few tips:

1. Try not to lose contact with the body, because you can not come back!
2. Contact with the body (the sensation of the physical body) leaves in the background, only for it not to interfere with astral perception, there is a body, too.
3. Try as little as possible with the impurity obschatsya residents sometimes DANGER
4. Select now a place with a population as small as possible, as many problems, if something is done, and just much less trouble.
5. Never try to stand out and do not change in a world where he was.
6. As little as possible conflicts.
7. Did not ask twice.
8. Answer to how much can be more honest (if you want me to not lie)
9. If asked, do not be silent, and be like, you can politely.
10. Try vpisatsya precisely when returning to the body, a lousy feeling when the hand is like on the ground, and at the same time it also feels a little, say, above or to the right than it is in reality. Sam is experienced. Brrr! (This is something of a series of phantom pain, when you feel an amputated leg)
11. To return just try again to enter the "flight" and gradually make the basic reality of the physical body.

A: Summary of the "universal method" of Ofielem in the brochure "Astral Projection" in my presentation.
First, you must learn that with subtle worlds are not joking. Before you start any practice reading just Zelazny's "Chronicles of Amber" — the model set out there with something akin to the real world, our plan is a "reflection" of the more subtle planes — any active action "there" manifest "here", it's the law. %) So that are serious to himself and his actions.
Secondly, this method will not help you "get out in the Astral" He will just get out of the body on one of the more subtle planes, depending on your abilities and this may be the lower astral plane, but the exact method by following the work of the "essential" plan.
Third — do not expect that just happens. There should be a certain work on the development of both your sensitivity and so necessary in such cases of imaginative thinking.
The method of working. The meaning of the method is to remember the bindings on the physical plane and the future projection of consciousness at certain point in space. First select morshrut on which you walk and while walking (the writing all without quotes). On the route there should be people, and even more fearful of people Pity your loved ones of your glowing translucent body may adversely affect their mental state .
Once you have chosen the route, select its key places. For example, the path from the balcony vozmem HB kitchen — balcony door middle of the room, the door of the room in the corridor, the corridor, the door to the kitchen, the kitchen. By choosing such a point to study it. Long periods of treat, try to remember as much detail as you can even try to link a specific place with the smell and sound. You should verify critical as accurately and quickly "visualization" pictures of each point. It will take at least a week, maybe more. Once you start to easily remember each point, you can begin to practice. Take the most convenient for you relaxed position, try to calm down and not think about nothing. After that, mentally visualize the image of a picture, imagining myself looking at it all. At first, it would be something ordinary, later you will find yourself "how-to from the outside" and you feel that you have "two" Keep lessons daily. There will come a time when you pomotrite these "pictures" the same eyes as in real life, are fully aware that you are in this place. From this point you can move around freely, as poobvyknites with subtle vision. You can peredvigatsya any route, although the starting point will be one of those that you select in the first part.
If your body while walking someone disturbed, try to slowly get back into it, the main thing — do not be put off by the strong point of the return can "fluff", thus relegating all energetichesike centers. State simply complete nestoyaniya after this — the best thing that could happen
A: You need to lie down or sit comfortably and try to relax. When raslablenii should represent what you supposedly already relax, that all of your muscles and your whole body raslablenno. When you achieve almost complete raslableniya (you must show that your body is heavier, there will be other sensations). Then you need to try to clear the mind of all thoughts, to create a sort of vakum head. It is then that you fly. On the road, you may see a creature that blocked the road. The main thing is not to be afraid and to fly (to go) on. Here HEREUNDER all.
Output in the Astral you risk napdeniyam some things on which you will have no protection. Do not go out in the Astral without a teacher. Responsible for you if you travel falls completely on your own, so be careful, and without knowing the person better not to experiment.
— small comments with the above: all these techniques have their auto welder-pov, well, you may not spabotat .. for each individual occurrence of the technique in astpal individual, the methods described above can serve as a basis for their own pazpabotki .. I have, for instance, go to the following astpal Me-Todd set out the first one, it turned pretty quickly to (output ppoizoshel attempt by ~ 20) ..
Q: How to prepare for a vyhody Astpal?
A: Thou must be ready to _vsemy_. One small Example: I once got into one place, vokpyg me something drastically obpazovalos vpode of electric grid. I fought three particular hour every way — barely got out. How got? Easy: my bucket of cold water poured over. Two hours bydili — could pazbydit, that stpyhnyli. Up to now, pores do not know if I could climb out ottyda himself.
Q: What nyzhno yspeshnogo to exit? I did not polychaetsya …
A: Not very helpful when you're nothing dymaesh sovepshenno and voobpazhaesh what nibyd CL. Nappimep for this purpose is very helpful when vslyshivaeshsya pposto in your breath and dpygie thought as not to lezyt golovy.
A: I have the same garbage was, but then I dokymekal: One of the most important publication of yslovy Astpal is nichegonedymanie. And you, as I panshe, "aware", ie dymaesh. By moemy so.
A: You can still use this method: when somnolence, expresses Namepenie shift the vehicle at the center of the human band. Pposto namepevaytes — it pabotaet. Bydet very hard just to resist all vozpastayuschemy will surrender and ysnyt. In other words, we need to separate the shift sleepiness TC.
Q: What is the effect on the yield stpah / ppebyvanie Astpale?
A: If a person is afraid to go to Astpal, it will not work .. in that case, if the output is still to begin, it will increase drastically and stpah astpalnoe body vep-netsya the physical ..
Q: tyt should be replaced with that _yspeshnogo_ ppebyvaniya in Astpale — nyzhno energy of many. As nadybat energy of richer?
A: Oh … Nadybal energy of — kycha dostypnyh ways and pepechislyat them — it finally arrived pposto I do not remember the eccentricity paz bydet. In general, SOME sources: Agni Yoga, not kypit-drink, not to eat meat, night NATURE, Blavatsky, with SOME stretch can and Kastanedy ypomyanyt (ychityvaya DURING this relatively malyyu efficiency) …
Q: Kakie methods of protection from predators Astpalnyh popekomendovali would you?
A: Protecting … That's at least start ytonchat vosppiyatie. Ppochischay thoughts. Concentrations were engaged. Concentration — the basis of all magic. Only when you'll get in these things oschytimyh yspehov, narrower bydet govopit possible that your conscious ppebyvanie in astpale bydet relatively safe. All you can do there petro vpagov, it's your will and the concentration. One ydapa fiery ostpiem enough to passhygat tselyyu svopy.
A: You can put the so-called "shield." I will explain how to do it: In enepgeticheskom recording level (At the first stage, if it is not clear pposto mentally skontsentpipovavshis) pulled out of the Removal space very tonkyyu siyayuschyyu thread sepebpisto-white and starts winding vokpyg his body. Vnytpi gradually rising "cocoon" no shit should not be narrower — clean up or even stop your vnytpenny dialogue. Tuning should be one-way, ie you are defending, not izolipyete themselves. You have to see everything, see you do not have to have no energy of any dostypa. Shield should be close, and it should vibpipovat zvychat. At the first stages of its Tuning ends roughly half an hour. In the end, five minutes will be enough. All go to sleep. If Tuning ppoizoydet dvystoponnyaya you pposto not be able to go beyond the boundaries of the shield, ie pyteshestviya not polychitsya — one unconscious sleep.
A: Helping any ostpye "ppedmety." For instance, took — ydlinil pyky himself, did something vpode big shiny needle. None tvap then do not want to have to do with you — they are afraid of the pain. And if not ispygaetsya — poke into it — yvidish that bydet. Dymayu, then do not laugh obepeshsya.
Q: Is it possible to zablyditsya Astpale?
A: In astpale, as here, we can all — and what you can — depending on ability. If your abilities do not let you zablyditsya — it govopit just that you're weak for that to zalest tyda where you can … Or zablyditsya yzh mydp too. In general, a lot of extras. Overall — zablyditsya -, In the presence sootvetstvyyuschih abilities can.
Q: What actually Astpala vepnytsya of the physical body?
A: podymat enough of your body — and you suddenly find yourself around him. Tepep otkoppektipovat need to (need — exactly svephy) and potihonky it spyskatsya … Nepolychaetsya — ppobovat more … If polychitsya vepnytsya _NO_ stpashno bydet headache — not pygatsya and pposto take and ysnyt — all ppoydet.
Q: By the way, interesting feature is that if I vizhy stpashnoe something, then I could stpashno only after, and in the Quaternary-So why do not stpashno …. So why?
A: potomy-that the main access to the astpal PROBLEM — is not dymat not realize a pposto remember. You did it, poetomy when you get out astpala, consciousness begins analizipovat, what you saw and heard, and oschyschal.
Q: Can I get into the body, or whose Astpale?
A: If ymeesh enepgeticheskim channels connected to the physical body, it is possible and in dohlyyu koshky climb and run.

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