How to make a magic mirror to develop clairvoyance?

January 15, 2012 17:44

In this experiment, we will create own magic mirror for the development of clairvoyance. Careful contemplation of the flame, now are making next to the mirror in which we clearly see the reflection of your face. The exercise is performed in the morning or in the evening, in the twilight in a calm atmosphere, turn off the phone in advance and ask relatives to you during this time did not bother …

Magic Mirror

Prepare pre-mirror is best to buy a new full-length mirror, but if this is not possible, fit the old. Try to have an individual mirrors work. This is your magic mirror, and many times we will resort to its properties.

The back of the mirror with white chalk paint protective sign — pentagram. Pentagram h Protect mirror from penetrating his negative astral entities.

Star should have the correct orientation, that is, its two beams must always face down and one beam up. If you take the inverse pentagram, upside down, then you will have no protection, but on the contrary — the "invitation" for the manifestation of the other world. It is also very important that all the star shape was correct point traced to its rays were equal, and directed at right angles. Otherwise, your protection may be ineffective.

Preparation of the Magic Mirror

Runs from Thursday to Friday at 00 hours 00 minutes. Night.
Thoroughly wash the mirror and wipe it, whatever it was perfectly clean.
Light a candle made from natural wax and roundabouts, three times go all the mirror, on the edges of mentally reciting mystical formula of OM. This will remove all negative vibrations and astral memory mirror.
After the smoke from the candles may be left dark stains on the mirror to be erased.
Whispered spell, looking at the reflection of his pupils in a magic mirror, "Oh, the magic mirror! I beseech you, I only listen and obey me alone! Always tell me the truth, and do all my desires, my will is that, yes, there are so be it! ".
After reciting spells magic mirror, cover it with a linen or cotton bright, clean cloth and clean. You can open it just before the magical work or practice.
In the mirror no one except you should look.


Sit with your back straight in a chair with the back or on a mat in front of the mirror at a distance of a little more than arm's length.
Set a candle, light it.
Close your eyes and relax completely.
Open your eyes and fixed her gaze to the center, the brightest part of the flame.
See, without blinking and without taking a look in 10-15 minutes, but without a strong stress.
If you want to blink slightly prischurte eyelids that would lubricate the eyeball eye fluid.
After contemplating the flames dramatically raise your eyes and stared at the reflection of his face in the mirror in the area between the eyebrows, or the third eye.
If done correctly, meditation candles, in your reflection in a dark spot will appear between the eyebrows (Afterimage of the flame on the retina of the eye).
Try to contemplate Afterimage flame reflected face in the mirror, right at the point between the eyebrows.
Hold a dark spot at that point, do not let it slide and move.
Keep Afterimage contemplation of the mirror, until it disappears from view.
Close your eyes and sit for 5-7 minutes relaxed.

Practice no more than once a day!

The effect of exercise

This exercise develops a high concentration, and the magic will improve overall astral energy that need further practice. This technique activates the third eye and accelerates the development of clairvoyance and intuition. It prepares the astral body, for subsequent exit from the physical body, and promotes remembrance, previous lives.

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