Humor year (2013) Full Movie

Humor year (2013) Full Movie
On TV Our summer home of Jurmala celebrates the New Year with laughter. Artists do not lose their sense of humor nor in the heat or in the cold and entertain the public at least some weather.
The gala digest festival viewers expect unforgettable meetings with beloved artists.

Part 1 of the
Sergei Drobotenko share the experience of a Russian tourist vacation in Turkey, Vladimir Danilets and Vladimir Moyseenko remember the appropriate visas. Gennady Winds will tell about the features of relaxation in our territories, and Yuri will Askarov shopping. Len Sparrow amuse musical parodies, Vladimir Vinokur say about the phone maniac, and the group NextBB — the tale of a goldfish. On stage, as Russia's new grandmother and other artists.

Part of the 2nd
Igor Mamenko recover in Karlovy Vary, to realize where it is better to be treated — at home or abroad. Brothers Ponomarenko amuse culinary medley and Lyon Izmailov — plain truth. On stage also: New Russian grandmother, Yuri Galtsev, Efim Shifrin, Vladimir Distiller, Elena Stepanenko and others.

Humorous transfer

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