I will survive!

"I will survive!".Fear is rolled and filled with sticky waves his miserable, insignificant creature."I will survive!".

Small, dirty kitten hiding, hiding in the gap between the houses."I will survive!".

Hiding from large, coarse, dispassionate feet, not just to give him a kick. Hiding from the cold rain. Hiding from the huge, fast cars. Hiding from the scary toothy dogs. Hiding from the world."I will survive!".

Small, fragile body were trembling. Soon hunger will make him get out of his not reliable "cover." An hour later, his small, worn out feet in the blood of a few timid steps will make the meeting street. And then, he controlled himself, driven by fear will run as fast, which is only capable of his mutilated body. He will run, dodging between large dusty shoes, elegant shoes, colorful sandals and tattered sneakers."I will survive!".

Goes through now, while he still sits between the houses, in his head. — Mom, look! Kitten! — Fu do not touch him, see what he is ugly and dirty! He's exactly what — some sick!"I will survive!".

It's not my fault that he's so skinny and dirty!He was a wonderful sweet kitten. Fur was fluffy, little eyes glittered like two big beads. Small tail. Large ears. He loved to play with the mouse from the thread, loved the warm milk and go to sleep beside my mother and his brothers and sisters. In the house where he lived, people came and took his brothers and sisters, and for them so no one came. That's because he was not a pure white, and spotted. People have long debated what to do with it. And we decided that a long time to mess with it, just put in a box and make out like trash. Curious and trusting, he got out of the box and ran to open the new world. After the rain of his coat dirty. Accustomed to caress animal, hungry, ran to the people and did not understand why they're not here at home. Violent children threw stones at him when he came to play. Adults kicked his legs. Repelled sticks. Shouted at him, chased him from everywhere."I will survive!".

Now he is not home sweet kitten. It turned into a messy ball of wool and blood. Small, useless bunch of pain and fear. "I will survive!".

We live at a pace to ask us this cruel world. No one has enough time to take a look at the ground, which would see if he trampled on someone's life."I will survive!".

When he gets out of his hiding place to find food, he is taken to the park, where it will climb in the trash near the shops. Again stumble on broken glass, a plaintive cry, but still climb further, because he will find some crumbs of food. And then with a dog leash slips and chattering jaws, will drive myauchyaschego kitten up a tree, where he could not get off and sit there myaukaya loud and trembling with fear. Then after a while, when it gets dark, the window which bears the tree, pop out, someone's ruthless hand that fed sobs prodigal cat at the window, and it will pour a pot of ice water. The kitten will not stay on the tree with a thud slap in the grass. "I will survive!".

Thick darkness enveloped his small, stiff body piercing blanket. He would run to the neon light stops and shops, so it was not so bad. He will be so cold, so lonely, so he will need a weasel! He will rub against the rough feet of passers-by getting them squeamish kicks. And, in the end, look for a tired run shelter to fall into an unhealthy, trouble sleeping. All happen again when he wakes up in the morning. I will survive! ".

He runs in, to some yard and not be able to win a race for survival with the dog. "I will survive!".

Zastuchit in his thoughts when he feels like dog jaws compress on his hip, and he leaves the ground into the air. Fu! Immediately throw this stuff! What are you found? My God, it can also be sick! Immediately let it go! What did I say?! FU! "I will survive!".

Kitten's face was dirty. "I will survive!". He will lie in the viscous mud puddle. Tries to get up but could not. Even breathing would hurt him. "I will survive!".

A few more minutes, he will try to issue a plaintive squeak to call for help, to say how he was hurt! "I will survive" — last sweep in his mind, and then the pain will swallow it whole. And he fails to nowhere. His miserable body, full of pain, until the last second will be in the mud, while a watchdog not utaschat it somewhere …

I will Survive

Now, it sits between the houses, startled, looking around and getting ready to go meet this cruel world driven by hunger. Everything can be fixed. The only question is whether anyone eto.Posmotrit anyone down to see that he tramples someone's life …
"I will survive!"

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