In a meat factory in Tomsk, a new high-tech equipment

As part of the modernization of production at the factory "Siberian Agrarian Group"Tomsk, a new high-tech equipment Vemag (Germany).

High-speed line Vemag LPG for manufacture of sausages and wieners already up and running, the company said. It includes a vacuum filling machine screw type, twisting and portioning device and a device for hanging sausages. The total cost of the installation is over 8 million.

This equipment will fully automate the production of sausages and wieners. With this line of human factor is eliminated, so the company thus calculated to maintain the quality of the product. "Siberian Agrarian Group" (Tomsk) belong to the pig farm in the village. Light (Tomsk region), two meat-packing plant in Tomsk, one in Kemerovo, pig farm in the Urals, Asinovsky feed plant (Tomsk region), three farms in the area Asino (Tomsk region), as well as a network of branded retail in Tomsk, Seversk Kolpashevo, Asino and Krasnoyarsk. The company owns more than 30 million hectares of arable land in the Tomsk and Sverdlovsk regions. The company is building a large pig farm in Buryatia and plans to implement a similar project in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

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