In antenatal Belarus will broadcast films about abortion


At antenatal screens may appear, from which women will be encouraged not to have abortions. Such a decision by the end of the joint project "right to life" to prevent abortions came Belarusian Ministry of Health workers and volunteers of the Belarusian Orthodox Church.

The result of a six-month pilot project, "Right to Life" was to save at least 14 children, mothers who were sent to abortion. Volunteers who took part in the campaign, worked in six antenatal Minsk, they communicated with the women who were going to terminate the pregnancy, provided all possible support to them and persuaded to keep the baby.

"In five LCD consultations were held weekly, in another — almost daily. We have also opened cabinet crisis pregnancy, in which a woman in a state of choice, the pregnancy or not, can get support — both psychological and material, "- said one of the organizers, the coordinator of the" right to life ", Executive Director of the Center for Family and Maternity "Matula" Veronica Serdyuk. For those who applied to the study of crisis pregnancy, assisted wheelchairs, baby clothes, diapers, clothes for pregnant women.

According to the Ministry of Health, which published the chief obstetrician-gynecologist Alexander Barsukov Ministry of Health, under the "right to life" of more than 400 women have received counseling, and 3.6% of them have decided to continue the pregnancy.

"This, of course, a little, but I can not say that this failure, because every life is precious. And even those 14 lives that we saved — it is a great success, "- expressed the opinion A.Barsukov, who called the idea of such project implementation of a joint plan with the BOC to create a society intolerant attitude towards abortion.

Because the project is "right to life" recognized successful, it is decided to continue. True, in the Orthodox Church, and the Ministry of Health said that it could be improved.

"Now we are looking for new ways to work with the Ministry of Health. Perhaps this will be of LCD screens that will be placed in women's clinics, which will show films from the direction of protection of life, urging women to carry a pregnancy. We also plan to use posters and handouts, "- shared the plans with a reporter Veronica Serdyuk.

The idea of an earlier counseling patients LCD expresses chief obstetrician-gynecologist of the Ministry of Health of Belarus A.Barsukov. He believes that to start working in the LCD should not in the moment when a woman comes to abortion, but before that — during her first counseling and testing.

It is possible that in this regard, Belarus may later adopt and Hungarian experience. There's a woman who wants to terminate a pregnancy, comes to the consultation is not a doctor and a midwife, which provides comprehensive information about the patient to the possible consequences of abortion and makes it obschevengerskuyu medical database. During the next 10 days, a woman make the decision to interrupt the pregnancy or not. Make a vacuum or an abortion she may at any hospital of the country, however, if it is according to the database within 10 days did not apply to any of the medical institutions, it is called to see a doctor for registration of pregnancy and childbirth.

Irina Kienya

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