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For several years, Belarus is a leader in the CIS rating the charity Save the Children («Save the Children"). At the end of 2010, our country entered the top 50 countries that are favorable for the birth of children. However, five years ago, Belarus ranks among the top 15.

Better than in Russia, but worse than in Poland

In the ranking of Save the Children, which takes into account a variety of medical, economic and social factors, Belarus occupies 33 th place in the "Parent Index", 28th — on "women" and 36-y — on the "child." The rating includes all 160 countries.

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From one year to the most favorable countries for mothers are the Scandinavian countries and Australia with New Zealand.

leaders Outsiders
1. Norway
2. Australia
3. Iceland
4. Sweden
5. Denmark
6. New Zealand
7. Finland
8. Belgium
9. Netherlands
9. Germany
151. Equatorial Guinea
152. Eritrea
152. Sudan
154. Mali
155. Congo
156. Yemen
157. Guinea Bissau
158. Chad
159. Niger
160. Afghanistan

Western neighbors Belarus settled in ranking higher in our country: Estonia — 17th, Lithuania — 22th, Latvia — 25th, Poland — 29th. But we are ahead of Russia (38), Ukraine (39), Moldova (40) and Kazakhstan (51).

In the ranking of 2005 Belarus ranked 15th in 2006 — 16 th. With this ranking 2006 participated less than last year, the country — 125. While Ukraine took 21th place, Moldova — 24 th, Russia and Uzbekistan — 27th. Baltic countries on the list were not involved. Now they have, and drove the CIS from the top of the list.

The rankings are based on the experts parameters such as the risk of maternal death, which examines many factors, including the number of children, the intervals between births, skilled attendance at birth and women's health in general. Also analyzed the level of training and even the participation of women in political leadership (the index of women in the legislature). Save the Children experts believe that women are participating in the government can protect the specific interests of women and children.

In Belarus, bear well, but no one

Since 2004, Belarus has experienced a rise in birth rates, and in 2009 the number of children ever born for the first time in many years, exceeded one hundred thousand. Now get the reverse. In 2010, Belarus 108.1 thousand children were born, which is 1.1 thousand less than in 2009.

This trend for the state is not a surprise, as the child-bearing age took generation of women born during the demographic decline 90. If you focus on the fact that the first child birth in the age of 20-24 years, now simply no one to give birth.

This increases the value of each child. In this regard, it is important, the infant mortality rate.

According to the Ministry of Health, the infant mortality rate in 2010 decreased to 4 per thousand births (4 ppm). In the National Programme for Demographic Security for 2006-2010 was laid less optimistic figure — 6 ppm. The Ministry of Health stressed that progress in Belarus, the infant mortality rate corresponds to the level of developed European countries.

In 1995, the infant mortality rate in Belarus was 13.3 per thousand, but each year since declined steadily: 2005-th — 6.4, 2006-th — 6.2, 2007-th — 5.2, 2008-th — 4.5. Several speakers raised himself from 2009, when the infant mortality rate rose again slightly — 4.7 ppm.

It should be noted that every year in Belarus decreased and maternal mortality. In 2010, as in 2009, in Belarus, one woman died during childbirth. In 2008, three women died in 2007 — six.

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