In Canada, noted the centenary of the birth of Alexei Gricuk

Association of Belarusians of Canada celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of the founders of the Association of Alexei Gricuk.

That's what informed our Radio Yu.Trubets from Canada:

"Master of the University of Warsaw A.Grytsuk (07.03.1910 — 30.05.1976) during the war Bialystok created by more than 80 Belarusian schools. In exile in Canada, immediately after his arrival, he was actively involved in the Belarusian life, many years has been Chairman of the association and in-line BPR. All my life I loved poetry and wrote a thesis on M.Bogdanovich, which, however, did not have time to protect. On his grave Latin the inscription: "A fighter for freedom in Belarus, let dreams chase you home."

Right on July 3, the day of his birth, in the city of Kingston, Ontario Belarusians came from Toronto and Ottawa.

Requiem for a nice Belarusians, who worked all his life for my country — both at home, Bialystok, and in exile — spent driving BAOC bishops, Bishop Novogrudskiy and North America Svyatoslav login.

At the monument made by the chairman of the BNR Rada, a close family friend of Mrs. Gricuk Ivonka Survila, an honorary member of the LMC, writer Olga Ipatova, as well as the widow of Alexis Gricuk, author of the book "We've created a Belarus' Olga Gricuk.

Valentina Shevchenko, chairman of the association and head of the circle "Yavarovyya people" Violetta Kovalev fascinated present Belarusian wonderful songs that they performed with verve and at a good professional level Gricuk in the house. "

Chairman of the BNR Ivonka Survila.

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