In captivity yetis

October 30, 2011 10:08

Stories of people who had been in captivity at the relic hominoids, often causing distrust and smile, and even accusations of lying. In fact, is not yet proven that he is real snow man, how can you visit a prisoner of the myth, the elusive ghost, or even just a fiction?
Bride of Sasquatch
In all regions of the world where the locals for a long time to meet wild hairy apemen, you can hear the stories of those who were with them in captivity. Victims usually hairy abductors are women.

Cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson mentions in his book about one such story. Its a long time ago told JW Burns, a researcher of the phenomenon of Bigfoot, an old Indian (died in 1940) from the town of Port Douglas (British Columbia, Canada). In 1871, when she was 17 years old, abducted her wild hairy man. He has the power to make a girl to cross the river Harrison, and then dragged her into the cave, where she lived with him old male and female, probably his parents.
Caught in the Indian stayed for about a year, but, according to her, she was "very disappointed with this creature" and the thief returned it back to the camp of the native tribe. What disappointed Sasquatch (name relic hominoids in Canada and the north-western U.S.) girl is unknown. Maybe that does not conceive of it?

Caution old Indian

Now, let's move on to the adventures of the most famous, I dare say, the world famous prisoner yetis Ostmena Alberta. He was in his eighties when his abduction Sasquatch became world. Wrote about it in books, newspapers and magazines, and interviewed him. Ostmen did not tell anyone about the incident with him more than thirty years, believing that its history can be called only ridicule and suspicion of mental illness. Yet, in his later years, he decided on this, and rightly so, because the take to the grave with such a sensation he simply had no right.
In 1924 Ostmen after hard work, people decided to spend the holidays in a quiet secluded spot in nature, and at the same time to fish, hunt and, if lucky, pan for the gold, because in the area where he was going, were old abandoned mines.
Albert stopped their choice on a fairly wild place at the extremity of the Gulf of Toba (British Columbia, Canada), just in front of the middle part of Vancouver Island. An old Indian, who forwarded it to his boat across the bay, said Ostmenu that he chose a bad place, which recently lost people. After a pause, he added: "I think he was killed by Sasquatch."
Albert was first heard of Sasquatch, so he insisted that Injun told about it. When he learned what was going on, Ostmen smiled and said that these monkeys are found only in Africa, and all the rumors of Sasquatch just a local legend. The Indian shook his head and said nothing. Agreed with him that he would take him two weeks Ostmen went looking for a place to camp.

Mysterious visitor

It is located under the crown of a large oak tree near murmuring brook. In the hollow of an oak he put swilling trays hung on a branch coat, warm sweater. In the first days managed to shoot a deer, he was cooking the meat in a pot over the fire, enjoying the serene calm and beautiful weather. So it was six days, but on the seventh, waking up in the morning, got out of the sleeping bag Ostmen, stretched and reached for the pants, which at night hung on a branch, but they were not there. Pants were lying on the ground, someone crumpled and cans, standing in the evening right pyramid, were scattered.
Albert decided that this mischief porcupine. It was fixable, the main remained intact his thick leather boots, because this rodent could easily chew them. The following night Ostmen put shoes on the bottom of the sleeping bag, canned goods collected in the bag and hung it on the branch of an oak, and under the edge of the sleeping bag, just in case, put a loaded Winchester.
In the morning he found a branch inside-out backpack, all of its contents were lying under a tree. Most importantly, from the stream vanished deer carcass, which he kept in cold water. Clearly in his camp not been porcupine. Then who? Bear? But this animal to make mischief, and more. Albert looked for footprints, but found only a dent in the sand-like prints of moccasins. In Ostmena even flashed the thought that he decided to scare that old Indian, who carried it into the boat, but he rejected it immediately. He collected all the supplies in a backpack, everything was intact, only one package with halved plums.

"Extreme — Journey" in a sleeping bag

Coming night, Albert decided by all means watch for the mysterious visitor. It was getting dark, the weather turned bad, the sky clouds delayed. Fearing that the crown of oak will save his property from the rain, Ostmen stuffed into a sleeping bag is not only shoes, but also a backpack with supplies, as well as a gun and a knife. To be on call at night, he undressed and squeezed in a sleeping bag in his jacket and pants. When the first drop of rain fell on his forehead, he tightened the ribbon bag, threw on the valve face, leaving only his nose outside. Alas, Ostmen not suffer from insomnia and watch for malicious intent and remains intent. Cost to cover his eyes, as they once possessed a deep sleep.
Awakening was rather unusual: he was no longer lying in his sleeping bag, and hung, as if … driving. It now and then shakes his gun, cans with sharp pieces dug into his body, he hung in total darkness, literally squeezed his bag and filled it with junk. Had the idea to cut a hole in a sleeping bag with a knife, but he could not move hand or foot.
Sleeping with someone Ostmenom lugging big and very strong, and his heavy breathing pokryahtyvanie and then convey to the helpless man. Was he kidnapped the huge wild hairy man was talking about Indian? This question is often asked myself Albert, feeling creature rises from his heavy burden somewhere upwards. The most annoying that he was armed, but he could not use any gun or knife.
The most terrible feeling he appeared when Ostmen felt that sleeping with him hanging over a void, and it goes down like an elevator. Finally sleeping bag hit the ground, "train", it seems, has arrived at the final station. His body was completely numb, it was hard to even move. He stuck his head out of the bag, gulped fresh air. It was still dark, before he could hear a muffled murmur.

In the family of Sasquatch

At dawn, he got out of the bag, clutching a gun, and saw the vague silhouettes of four enormous bipedal creatures that surrounded him on all sides. "Guys, what the hell do you need me?" — He said the first thing that came to mind. In response came the murmur of a.
While it has not been touched, and examined Ostmen beings who stood next to him. This clearly was a family of wild people. They were all covered in hair, was naked and looked like huge apes. No doubt it brought here "boss" — adult male height of 7 to 8 feet (from 213 to 244 cm), Ostmen called him "old man." His "old lady", an adult female with sagging breasts fur bags, clearly showed dissatisfaction that the husband brought home a bipedal "little animals." The children of the couple, a female and young male, were clearly frightened of a man.
It seemed Ostmenu, "old man", gesticulating and muttering, told everyone else, as it produced a "miracle overseas." When the sun rose, hairy creatures are gone, leaving Alberta alone. He looked around. All around were the cliffs, only one place was a small V-shaped passageway that led somewhere upwards. Below, in the dense undergrowth was probably the creek. He took a chance to go down and actually saw the water, and a young female, who, leaning over the stream, saw the animal. Ostmen chose a place drag the remaining belongings (he disappeared prunes, pasta, a box of rifle cartridges and matches) and began to think of a way out of this mess. Matches he has been in the pocket of the jacket in a waterproof box, canned food can be spread out over several days. Longer than that he could not stay here.

Toy for wild people

Two days Sasquatch does not bother him. It looks like they were watching him from afar, and all his actions. He was a "one-man show," and they did the audience … of course, Albert was not going to have them stay, but if he only come to pass in the rocks, as immediately as if growing up out of the ground, "the old man." Sasquatch clearly waving his hands and muttered something threatening like 'ssoakha-soakha. " One could, of course, try to shoot him, but any of the other Sasquatch could hand carry one blow his head off. I had to wait for the right moment.
Once back from the stream, Ostmen found next to his sleeping bag guest — granted a son to him "boss." He did not touch, but with eager curiosity looked at things. When Albert he jumped to the side, but not hidden, and remained standing, watching the man. Ostmen lit alcohol lamp and brewed some coffee, Jr. Sasquatch greedily inhaling nostrils the smell. I had to throw him out of the empty can of stew. He deftly caught it, licked and then left.
He soon returned, but no one, and with his sister. She sat down in the distance, and the "boy" and then brought a mouth empty jar, copying gestures Ostmena, sipping coffee. Albert finished his coffee, pulled out a can of snuff, took a pinch, put it to his nose. Bank was nearly empty, and he threw her young female. When that after some confusion, I realized that this is a gift for her, she grabbed a jar and gave a bright one piercing shriek vibrating. This jar did not look like a joyous laugh, but it seems that it was him …

Deadly Escape

On the day of the escape Ostmenom sitting next to the "old man" and his son. Albert opened the last can of snuff, took a pinch, put it to his nose and inhaled with pleasure. Old Sasquatch closely followed by his actions, then handed him Ostmen bank, thought that he would take a pinch. However, the "old man" grabbed the jar and instantly poured its contents into his mouth, and even licked the bank. Albert horror awaited what would happen next.
After some time, the 'host' eyes bulged, clutched his stomach and began to roll on the ground. Ostmen jumped up, clutching his gun, he thought that Sasquatch will throw at him. But the "old man," with his hand on his stomach and shrill screaming, jumped the creek and began to lap. Albert realized that it was time to flee. Taking his belongings, he rushed to the passage in the rocks. "Old", rocks, blocked his path, but he fired over her head, and she was gone. He gasped, climbed up, blocking the movement of all the records in the mountains. Fortunately, he was not pursued.
In the evening he went over a cliff, shot a hen and roasted on the fire for its meat. In the morning he woke up in a terrible state, he was sick, sick stomach, my head was spinning. Whether the affected nerve strain, or something was wrong with the meat eaten. Reeling, he was coming down, until I heard the sound of the engine. Soon came to the camp Ostmen loggers. Only then he realized that he still survived.

Fiction or a real case?

That's such an unusual story. To be sure, it Ostmen told reporters several times and cryptozoology, and in all of these versions have some differences, some new parts, although canvas stories remained the same. This can be explained by the fact that each new student to ask questions, so that more and more details have surfaced. It is possible that an old man, and said podzabyval something different. For the most part of its history is not anything that just screamed of a fiction.

However, it is best to call on a specialist. At one time Ostmena visited Ivan T. Sanderson, and that his opinion on this story.
"" In the case of the snowman has a very large number of technical issues relating to the nature of this phenomenon, which may be inadvertently omitted in the narrative. And only one answer to these questions is true, as an endless series of all other answers would be false. Only in this way and not otherwise. I asked Ostmenu about two dozen of these highly technical issues — both directly and in the most unexpected times — and each time, giving the answer, he did not allow a single mistake, not a single answer, impossible in principle
It remains to agree with the famous cryptozoology and recognize that Ostmen actually was a prisoner of yetis. In any case, it would very much like to believe.

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