In Denver to videotape a UFO flying schedule

November 20, 2012 6:46

Denver resident managed to capture on camera the UFO landing. Experts who have studied the video until a loss to explain the nature of this strange phenomenon, according to the TV station Fox News.

As the author of the video, he saw flying saucers regularly above the center of the capital of Colorado. "Mysterious objects a couple times a week there about noon and 13:00. They fly with a fairly high speed, so to see them with the naked eye can not, however, slowing the scrolling video, we spotted several UFOs. Changing the color contrast, we have made it more visible, "- said an eyewitness.

Journalists Fox News, decided to check the authenticity of the information's movie, tried to shoot the video for yourself at a specific time in a specific place. The results shocked the observers: the film was caught something really inexplicable.

Specially invited to give expert opinions on aviation was also unable to say that the shot the camera. "This is not like any plane or a helicopter, or a bird, and the more insect — I can not define it," — said Steve Cowell, explaining that the plane so quickly can not fly. "Perhaps this is a raise in the air dust" — he suggested.

Representatives from the Federal Aviation Administration said the U.S., in turn, that the specialists of air traffic control any unidentified objects are not fixed. In Command aerospace defense of North America reported the same thing. "The employees of our command center were tested on: no activity in the air, they did not record in the Denver area at the appointed time, witnesses," — said in management.

Meanwhile, there were skeptics who think the video a fake. Robert Schiffer, an expert on UFOs, opined in his blog that the video is nothing like a fly. As explained Schiffer, insects just after noon, the most active, so it is difficult to photograph this "object."

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