In Dusseldorf Eurovision viewers met a picket

The activists of the Belarusian diaspora in Germany, France and Belgium held a picket in front of Dusseldorf, which hosted the final of the Eurovision, demanding the release of political prisoners.

The protesters were holding a white-red-white flags and posters on the Belarusian political prisoners.

The action of the Belarusian diaspora in the Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf

His message to Radio Liberty the Promoter Michael Shendik accompanied by the following words:

"We believe that the action was good, as we were shooting a dozen televizyynyh companies (including Euronews, Skynews, Al Djazira, raseyskie channel), interviewed numerous radyekarespandenty. Filmed us as thousands of spectators Contest. Among the photographs are sending to each police ( German riot police), who guarded us. We want to Belarusians could see the human face of the German riot police and compare it with the "face" of the Belarusian riot police. "


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