In factories in Britain revealed massive radiation leak


Checking the official documents of the UK Department of Health has identified the massive leak of radioactive materials in the enterprises of the country. Potentially hazardous waste disappear in factories Rolls-Royce, factories, waste treatment and even on oil platforms in the North Sea.

"Leakage of radioactive material found in the factory marine equipment Rolls-Royce in the County of Derby, in the company for processing of nuclear waste at Sellafield in Cumbria County, as well as in the Royal Free Hospital in London" — The Guardian newspaper reported citing documents released by the Ministry of UK Health.

The enterprise Rolls-Royce leak was relatively small: the workers lost radioactive particles ytterbium-169. More serious amounts of disappearances showed up at the company Sheffield Forgemasters: there lost as much as 13 kilograms of radioactive uranium, which is used during production.

Staff at Royal Free Hospital in central London could not explain the loss of an unknown amount of cesium-137, which is used in the treatment of cancer. According to experts, the substance "capable of causing radioactive burns to anyone who holds it in his hands, or is close to it for a long time."

In some cases, radioactive material directly into lost production time, says The Guardian. Thus, during the inspection of the plant, which was established on the site of the closed nuclear power plant in Harwell, near Oxford, specialists found under one of the machines a test tube with radioactive cobalt-60. As it came to the cobalt company, its leaders could not explain.

Management of enterprises and organizations are not in a hurry to correct the violation. For example, in the county of Southampton Hospital has long been an "active source" of radiation. The hospital administration has eliminated it after inspection.

Radioactive materials were lost in the more exotic locations. For example, a firm Schlumberger lost a container of radioactive tseziumom-137 on an oil platform in the North Sea. After a long search, the container could detect.

The Ministry of Health conducts periodic evaluations distressed companies. Officials punished negligent doctors, and managers of factories punished his subordinates. However, according to experts, the efforts have not led to rectify the situation.

"Unacceptable loss of their scale and do not affect the work of the state regulator. I do not understand why they do not protect the national interest and not punish offenders with the utmost rigor ", — told the British edition of the scientist and consultant John Large.

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