In Germany, the patients will be identified with a chip card

In Germany, launched a new medical card patients. Before the end of the year it should get ten percent of Germans have a mandatory insurance.

Initially, the card will be entered only the data the same card compulsory insurance fund to which all patients. This insurance number, the status of the name, address and gender.

In the future, the "health card" is supposed to keep all the medical data necessary medical first aid. For example, information on chronic diseases, allergies, intolerance to medications and blood group, writes

The microchip volume of 32 kilobytes to hold up to eight recipes and information about the readiness of the patient to organ donation. Next, the patient can be placed on your card order the instrument off life support in the event of brain death.

All other data that place on the map will not stay, will be posted on a dedicated server. On the Internet, doctors can view the acts of admission to hospital with a discharge as well as x-rays and test results.

Development cards was associated with huge financial costs. More than 600 million euros was paid for its technical development and production of readers. The Ministry of Health suggests that the total cost will reach half a billion euros.

All data on the microchip will be specially coded. Read the data card will only be possible in the recruitment of a special pass code which will receive each patient. And then, just when the doctor also put the reader his ID card.


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