In Gomel, building a road through the park and the ancient burial mounds


On the northeast side of Gomel city government started the construction of four-lane bypass road. Builders Zarechnyj destroy the green zone and the ancient settlement near the village Jakubkova that comes now to urban spaces.

The river — on the freeway.

Yuri Klimovitch

One of the first alarm scored activist Yury Klimovich, the son of a former prisoner of the Gulag Gregory Klimowicz. He said that as a student of the University of Gomel, planted trees on the right Sozha, near what is now the neighborhood "Millers Meadow":

"There are actually growing forest. Moreover, this forest is planted and me. In the 79 th year of us, students from several courses, was removed from the study and drove here. There was a field clean, and we planted these trees shovels. This is a recreation area, in fact, a hundred thousand neighborhood. It was exactly what in Europe is called the urban forest. The Poles, for example, is called "miejski las" — a protected area recreation. In Paris has the Bois de Boulogne or Central Park in New York — the womb of nature in the city. "

Forest captivated technique.

Builders are allowed to go under the knife wide strip of coastal forest between the yacht club and the port. Now here with the dredge, bulldozers and dump trucks namyvayut mound for the future bypass road, which for some reason have designed a town square area.

Ahead — SOG.

One of the leaders of construction contractors said:

"How long were the agreement, as long as this route chosen. Conducted reconnaissance Research Institute of Urban Planning of the Republic. Route selection lasted about five years. Here is the first part of the ring road, which will connect to the new districts Volotavy Birches, Romanowicz — and further on Dobruš. From the right side Sozha will be the second stage. The road goes around the 18th micro district outside Kamenshikova at Lepeshinskiy and will be released on "GOMSELMASH."

For the laying of a bypass road from the budget spent about 113 billion rubles. Build it union "Gomelproekt" RUE "Mastabud" and "Belavtodor."

Technique on the shore Sozha.

The townspeople, who in the heat of summer rest on the right bank of the Sozha, from the choice of the route is not thrilled.

Young Mr. Oleg Gomel resident says that 20 years went to bathe rest. Now everything is destroyed bulldozers:

"Murder at the root of nature! Clearing a banged! I know how much they are cut down! Vacationed here all Volotavy. Nature in the city — even the fish caught. Now what? Khan! It's a shame really. I was on the left coast — killed because of the nature of the asphalt. Travel to Novobelitse, look and build a little further out of town this bridge. "

There will be a bridge.

On the left bank Sozha builders also destroyed part of the park area beyond the river.

On the left bank Sozha.

Near Jakubkova they destroyed the ancient hill, not previously examined, archaeologists +. Here at the turn bulldozers raised ceramic remains of the Bronze Age, fragments of shells of silicon.

Ancient settlements in Jakubkova.

Historian Vladimir Litvinov"According to archaeologists, in the district known Jakubkova several settlements of the Stone and Bronze Ages. Yevdokim Romanov also mentioned the mounds at Jakubkova. Attempts to find them, as far as I know, at the time does not run out. On Monday, we will prepare a letter to the Department of Culture at the fact that this work on the ground with the archaeologists did not agreed. "


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