In KnAAZ them. YA Gagarin’s estimated economic impact of the introduction of rationalization proposals

On KnAAZ them. YA Gagarin summed up the activities of the enterprise from the introduction of rationalization proposals.

Innovators and inventors of the Komsomolsk-on-Amur aviation plant — managers, engineers, workers employed creative search and implementation of the most daring ideas, bring real benefits not only the plant, but the aircraft industry as a whole.

For 2012 and 5 months 2013th innovators and inventors of the branch of Komsomolsk Company "Sukhoi" have started production in 1160 proposals, 148 inventions, utility models, industrial designs, computer programs and databases, and saved more than 36.4 million rubles. 

"Ratspoiski" the modernization of production processes and improving the design of the Su-35, T-50 (promising aviation complex tactical aircraft), Sukhoi Superjet 100.

Over the past period, the use of rational proposals for the manufacture of parts of aircraft reduced the rate of application of aluminum alloys at 2590 kg, non-metals — 85 kg, high-strength alloys — 70 kg, wires and harness — at 885 lbs.

As a result of efforts to improve the production process to ensure the economic effect in the amount of 20.3 million rubles.

Use of proposals innovators reduced production cost of modifications of the Su-30. Profit for the year amounted to 2.5 million rubles. Another 6.5 million rubles savings obtained by reducing costs in the construction of the Su-35. The total cost of production of Superjet 100 aircraft per year decreased by 6.2 million rubles.

The savings went on to develop production. New items will provide additional income to the plant within a few years of use.

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