In Lida will Grunwald Street, Castle, Gediminas Avenue and Victory Avenue

This is a local television said the deputy chairman of the executive committee of the Lida Anton Glavnitski.

Vice-chairman Executive Committee explained that this was possible after, as local authorities began to come from the treatment NGOs and parties.

The official also noted that the proposal to rename the already agreed upon by the Ministry of Culture and the regional executive committees and on August 1 in Lida will change signs.

Grunwald Street appears on the site Engels Street — from the Catholic Church of the Soviet near to the junction with the street Radyuk near the old Catholic cemetery.

Castle Street will become part of the street from the Catholic Church of the Komsomol, the Soviet street, to the streets of Victory. Pedestrian street from the bus station to the castle, which is popularly known as the boulevard Chapayeva proposed to rename a boulevard Duke Gediminas.

Also, the city will Victory Avenue. The new road, which is being built for the lock, connect the streets of Victory and Engels. From the intersection with the street March 8 to exit the Minsk highway and will run the new prospectus.



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