In Mogilev spent a holiday of national cultures

Festival held in Mogilev national cultures "Belarus — our common home." Official sources, however, the name of this annual event is available only in Russian. Deployed on top of a pedestrian street Lenin stretching of the "common home" — to Russian language.

Stretching over the street Lenin in Russian.

On the banners with the names of farmsteads minority seat for Belarus language not found. They were in the national language and Russian. More mother tongue the title of the Belarusian nation was in the design of trade stands.

On a small section of the street Lenin presented his national farmsteads Azerbaijanis, Armenians, Jews, Georgians, Poles and Russian. Each of minorities lured to his place of passers national songs, dishes and attributes.

The most crowded was the court of the Armenians. Armenians more singing and dancing. Food on their site was a little bit. Pad tightly covered the Armenian diaspora. Armenians were talking among themselves in their own way. Performances of the actors welcomed by all in Russian.

Armenian court.

Jews lured passers-by on his land, formal national flags of Israel, matzo and sweets. In the yard was played instrumental music.

Not far from the Jews settled by Ukrainians. Their yard visited by the Chairman of the Mogilev City Council Stanislav warts. A large group of city government officials Ukrainians were invited to a small hut styled.

Ukrainian officials at city hall courtyard.

Officials stayed there for long. Borodavko remained pleased with the Ukrainians, is unknown. With the hut he left, however, one of the last.

Chairman of the Executive Committee Stanislav warts. With the hut came out one of the last.

Georgian court was modest. Here, dancing, singing. Cooked kebabs. Beckoned flag of Georgia. Banned in Belarus colors warmed the soul.

The Poles, too, danced and sang. Conducted quiz. In his eyes, however, rushed to the Polish court not polish symbol — the red calico with the image of the leader of the world proletariat. Near traded antiques — samovar.

No Polish characters on the Polish court.

Polish court bordered with Russia. The Russians invaded the area in front of the art museum named ByalynitskogoBiruli. At the end of the XVIII century in the building during the meeting with the Russian Empress Catherine II lived Austrian Emperor Joseph II. The Russians treated their visitors with the smell of drink vodka on insects gave bacon, bread and pickles. Drink razlivali supposedly from a samovar.

Razlivali Russians drink vodka with the smell of a samovar.

On the midges offered bacon, bread and pickles.

Forlornly looked yard Azerbaijanis. They took land away from the place of the major festivals. Visitors to the court were few.

Modest yard Azerbaijanis.

Belarusian national culture represented on the ground in front of the cinema "Rodina" amateur folk and dance groups. The dance floor was fenced off from the people protective red ribbons: "Police. Entry prohibited ". The policemen in the square of the Stars, also known as the area in front of a cinema, has traditionally been a lot. There were many smetsyarov.

The Belarusians were dancing in a fenced area by police protective tapes.

Belarusians sang at the "motherland".

Dish of international communication was Mogilev skewers.

Smetstsyary ready.



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