In Navahrudak razreklyamavali Godfather

Today, all the advertising pillars and billboards of leaflets appeared with the words: "Godfather" on NTV must see! "The action was held members of the unregistered Belarusian Christian Democracy party and activists of the" Young Front ".

Under the leaflets were left discs with recordings of the movie "The Godfather," which told about the mysterious death of Deputy Speaker Supreme Council Belarus Gennady Karpenko, the disappearance of the former Minister of Interior Yuri Zakharenko, deputy speaker Supreme Council, former head of the Central Election Commission of Viktor Gonchar, journalist Dmitry Zavadsky, a businessman and public figure Anatol Krasowski.

This movie on Last week Russian television broadcast, but in Belarus, it did not show. Wheels for leaflets, according to eyewitnesses, very quickly dismantled.


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