In Russia, the efforts of the authorities, a network of catching children made to order

In June 2012, in Russia an unprecedented event: the State Duma and the Federation Council was made at once 9 bills aimed at destroying the rights of the family and parenthood. Haste and simultaneously adopted, attracting political heavyweights in the face of VI Matvienko, meant the critical importance of this process for the forces concerned dissection unshakable connection "parent-child" and the destruction of the family in Russia.

In Russia, a network of catching children "made to order"

In the wake of attack were two key bills: № 42197-6 FZ "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation on the implementation of the social patronage and guardianship authorities" and the Federal Law № 3138-6 "On public control over the rights of children orphans and children left without parental care. "

This is — the mechanism reformatting relations between the state and parents, and the responsibility of both the law of the same problem, only approaching it from different sides.

Juvenile playing with family

The Social patronage abolishes constitutional concepts: the home, the safety of personal and family privacy and the presumption of innocence. It allows the employee to come to care any family not at the request of its members, for example, for help, and just prophylactically. That is to say, to look at any given mood "light." And consider a magnifying glass and the very subjective view family, and her place of habitation.

In addition, for officials to determine right of a parent to continue to be called as such, allow the family the old quiet life or "prescribe" it ruin — the temptation stronger test of fame and money. Besides, the money may be present here too — as an external stimulus for official work with this family, namely removal of the child.

The reasons for this interest is always a lot: the conflict of a family member with relatives, neighbors, doctors, teachers, the same official. Housing problem, when you need to free vending living space. In the family of smart, healthy, educated preschoolers. So who knows what else.

The evaluation criteria of the family — oh, what a girl's distracted! — Lawmakers again prescribed, so the officer is where carousing. And in the end is lawful, without fear of prosecution, to take the vending child.

The sadism of the situation is such that you can take it either immediately or later — to play like a cat with a mouse, proposing to the family to sign a document, which is called the "Treaty of social patronage" and declares the opportunity for some time to leave the child in family run bail parents demand for social services.

Arrest of judgment is a terrible trap: the demands of patronage again not defined by law and can vary widely, up to completely unrealistic, but the parent falsely perceives contract as an extra chance to keep the baby in the family, do not hesitate to give him a written agreement, and means, in fact, sign the agreement on withdrawal of the child in case of default of the terms of custody.

Juvenile playing with familyAnd this — the key to the whole situation. This is — a written consent for an autograph removal of the child. Details here are minor. Jesuit course: according to the law of contract, the subject of an agreement between the two entities of the state does not intervene, "You do agree with each other?" And so this could not have reverse. It is — it is handwritten consent to separation.
Thus, the child is selected and taken away from their parents. Becoming instead of "Mama," "state," with the status of orphans, he moved to the walls of children's home, under the care of its director, who to this day are still alone disposes of information about the child, his future plans and is responsible for it. By implementing introduced into the education system and health care per capita funding mechanism, orphanage director is very happy about this "acquisition" — each new soul under his tutelage meant to him stable material base of the institution.

Here and take the stage's second law — the Public Control of orphans. He proclaims the creation of a new collective player in this field — nationwide network of community monitors the lives of orphans, with the major federal and regional authorized subordinates. As for Mr. Astakhov.


Requirements for new "Commissioner" is low — only the age of 23 years and no criminal record. It also assumes membership in a social organization (NGO), which has to pay for their labor. And by the way, this requirement for the organization, which, of course, needs to be validated financial documents, would create a barrier to entry in the trough "do not own" organizations that do not fall off the generous rain overseas grants.

In contrast to the claims, the right to "networkers" inexplicably wide: the right not to agree on his appearance in a children's home with his leadership, the right of access to personal and medical records for children, the right to copy them, the right to private interviews with students, the right to family handwritten equipping pupils, the right to mediate between the leaders of the children's home and "other persons and organizations."

All this in the language of everyday sense — to pick up children "to order" and give it to those who need it. Unprecedented violation of constitutional rights — the protection of information on personal and family life. No word on how this will protected children. Just one, 23 years old, with a certificate of good conduct and membership of NGOs after the law can go into any children's home, choose a baby — for themselves or for others — and fearlessly move it to another location on your own.

But as most of these observers responsible for the results of their "observations" — about it in the law just does not. Well, nothing. Castling children fate can do, and be responsible for it is not required. Take the child and use at their discretion.

And here arises the question of the subject of rights — the right of parenthood. In previous years, when the mass consciousness has been so damaged, we have no doubt, and, of course, did not discuss its integral. Anyone know for sure: father of a child — become a parent. Until the end of his days.

But now, common sense is dead. For a sandwich with caviar can sell your own mother. Beautifully call this the principle of "economic feasibility" and start selling everything. Including children.

"Colonial" article of the Russian Constitution (15.4), the priority of international law over national law has made our main supervisor in the implementation of the state family policy in 1989 the UN Convention on the rights of children. Russian ratification of twenty years ago, she said, as intended, planned sprouted in all spheres of family, social, educational and health care legislation, eventually spreading to the opposite sides of parents and children. Thanks to her, we now know for sure: children — the ones who have all sorts of rights (of course, without the responsibilities!) Parents — those who do not want to provide, and therefore initially be punished.


And it was time to withdraw from the shadow core, unjustly forgotten, a player in the legislation field destruction Parenthood — "the Hague Convention."

The process of assigning children people that these kids have nothing to do, this is not typical for Russia — he put in a big way in the world. To ensure that it would not let failures (at home parties pedophiles) invented the game — "The Hague Convention on Child" 1980, 1996, 2007.

That countries do not try to wriggle out of their adoption, invented an analogue of the Hague tribunal — "The Hague Conference on Private International Law (IPL)," which "has created a unique system of" subsequent maintenance "of the Conventions on children. The purpose of this system is to promote widespread ratification and effective implementation of the convention, consistency and best practices of the current work on the Application of Conventions »

In each country, to care for the adoption and implementation of the "Children's Conventions" on foreign money is created projects, which include key industry officials. In Russia, a project entitled "Application of the Hague Convention for the Protection of Children's Rights in the Russian Federation" was founded in 2011 with money from the EU budget of 300 thousand euros at GIZ IS Supervision Agency in Russia.

Partner in the project are the then Office of the President of the Russian Federation, on the Steering Committee, among others joined the Commissioner for Children's Rights under the President P.A.Astahov, headed by his deputy chief of the State Legal Department of the President of the Russian Federation Sergey Pchelintsev.

The project's website also has detailed financial records of the mission members, including, for example, "Transfer (on foot) to the building of the Court of the European Communities" and bills for "Dinner at the restaurant" BelgoBelge "(10 minutes walk from the hotel) Rue de la Paix 20, Bruxelles 1050 Elsene T. »

Russia has already signed, among other two "children" of the Hague Convention: 1980 — "On the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction" (adopted at a large family and parental resistance to the public in May 2011), 1996 — "On Jurisdiction, Applicable Law, Recognition , Enforcement and Cooperation in Respect of Parental Responsibility and Measures for the Protection of Children "(adopted in June 2012) to December 2012 are expected to sign the convention in 2007" on the Recovery Abroad of child support and other maintenance. "

Mystery of tight binding of the last instrument of December opened a few days ago: it was December 31 children's fund UNICEF to terminate its operations in Russia and go home. Leave without a task? What about salaries? That put pressure so that only the chips fly — just to make it.

All three "baby" the Hague Convention — a knife, cut through the living flesh of the family, breaking away from her parental rights and crumbling it apart.

Making each focus on one particular aspect of the (international child abduction, parental responsibility, maintenance of parents), all together convention override the inalienable right of the firstborn Parenthood, replacing it alienable and arbitrarily delegated to others by two new rights — the "right of custody" (the right to determine residence of the child) and the "right of access" (the right to move a child).

The new "stewards children" create, according to the 1980 Convention, a Central Authority, the authority to determine the location of the child, a kind of prototype of "exchange of children." It is with this central body got to know, for example, in Luxembourg cheerful members of the "Operation of the Hague Convention for the Protection of Children's Rights in the Russian Federation" in order to prepare the country for its appearance in our lives.

And be prepared: to return, for example, a child kidnapped abroad, may be able to set up "Central Authority" document in English or French, but he "does not have to make such a statement," if it considers it sufficiently substantiated.

1980 Convention also stipulates that the child, who turned in another state, can be retained in its territory, if it is someone else's state decides that "it is contrary to the fundamental principles of the requested State relating to the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms," the return " would pose a threat of physical or psychological harm or otherwise place him in unbearable conditions ", if by the time of his" transfer "of more than a year, and if the child" has adapted to the new environment, "or" did not return. "

A 1996 Convention establishes the right of the State in which the child is deprived of his parental rights to it on your own, regardless of their nationality.

With regard to the Convention in 2007, it would legalize the procedure for collecting child support from those most normal parents who have custody of the state, represented today uncontrollably and, most importantly, with impunity, selects the very healthy, smart and well-mannered children.

Hague Conventions — the documents are so controversial that even the Legal Department of the State Duma, in his conclusion to the Convention in 1980 wrote: "The adoption of the document threatens the sovereignty of Russia."

A deputy with the unanimously voted "for". And rightly so: that listening to the majority, which is the nation?

Better than all other positions of deputies for such cases a Chair of the Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children E.Mizulina in an interview on public protests about social patronage, "Truth is not decided by a majority» ( .com / watch? feature = player_embedded &; v = NzvpEHlL0TA).

That is, again — "we know better what you need …"

Last and main wave of privatization

"Childhood 2030"All these intentions were already clearly and explicitly stated in the text of the foresight project "Childhood 2030" almost became in December 2010, our new state family policy: the cultivation of our kids' competitive human capital. " In this case, in order to minimize harm to children from the influence of their parents planned to put the children on the "land of childhood", the family canceled as obsolete institution, replacing it with "multiple, group, guest, same-sex" and other cohabiting, and parents — to certify for "proficiency" and only "worthy" to allow a parent to continue to be, and other things — a robotic child in hand, and the issue has been exhausted ( D0% 94% D0% B5% D1% 82% D1 % 81% D1% 82% D0% B2% D0% BE-2030).

Lobbyist this innovation — Head foresight project, the head of the Office of the Public Chamber of the Russian Alina Radchenko and until now reflects on this topic on the site as scrubbing the project "Childhood" and is included in the reserve of the President.

So, yesterday's nonsense is becoming terrible reality in our lives a new era. Processes ogosudarstvlivaniya children increasingly gathering pace, threatening to sweep away all his powerful and moving structures of human society. The formation of a new socio-economic system. Legitimized a new type of product and the new commodity-money relations. Material incentives Order builds other economic schemes, and that includes our children become a commodity to be realized both in the domestic and foreign markets (the so-called "international adoption").

"Childhood 2030"One group of people is entitled forcibly moved to another group of people to meet the needs of the third group. The strong take from the weak. The last and the main "wave of privatization." Summary.

For inventory "property" in all schools and kindergartens of the country parents are now forced to sign a consent form to the processing of personal data of the child, "including cross-border transfers" (external market).

Also in institutions of education, sports, health, everywhere distribute a questionnaire which force parents to describe the state of the housing, environment, property and order in the home (domestic market).

Dissent blackmailed "shutdown" of the child the opportunity to participate in the exams, competitions, internships, etc. or even — get an education.

To the top of the division, "the main wealth of the country" — our children, whom we still archaic habit relate them to each other, involves a number of "human rights" NGOs, foundations and fondiki to protect children (of cruelty, violence and so on.), Agency for International adoption, as well as employees of the guardianship of the Federal Data Bank orphans, education, health, and medicine. Also, do not forget the deputies of different levels (lobbying mechanism), and representatives of other governments. Of course, not all of them, but it is in these areas is of order execution.

And by their actions, at minimum cost to the customer, a new understanding of "property" which has quietly split between "strong" and in Russian society, a new class — slaveholders.

Set point: we entered the era of neo-slavery. Mass clouding reason and voluntary collective loss of moral standards given life satanic laws. They launched in us raschelovechivaniya mechanism and allowed to explain the feasibility of the changes themselves.

The truth is cruel, but to see it — already half healed.

You need only venture.

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