In Russia they want to legalize surrogacy

The State Duma of the Russian Federation offered to fix by law the concept of "surrogate motherhood" and the rights of the genetic parents. In particular, it is proposed to legislate responsibility of surrogate mother to give the child a biological (genetic) parents that she was not allowed to leave the baby himself.

"It is necessary to consolidate the concept of" biological parent ", — said the first deputy head of the faction" United Russia ", member of the Duma Committee on Health Tatyana Yakovleva at the regional conference on reproductive health held in Ivanovo.

She drew attention to the fact that Russian is no definition of "surrogate motherhood", and in fact not given priority to biological and social parenthood — "Considering the general principle that it is the child's mother is the woman who gave birth to him."

This, Yakovlev explained, means that the couple who gave consent to the implantation of the embryo to another woman (biological parents) until the last moment can not be confident in the fact that after the birth of the child the surrogate mother will not abandon the previous agreements and leave the child — it is " based on the certificate of the medical institution where the birth occurred, may register the child for themselves. "

Yakovlev said that now operate in the State Duma a bill on reproductive health. "But this process is not a single day," — he added.

A few days ago the head of the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children Elena Mizulina drew attention to the shortcomings of the existing legislation in this area. Among other things, she pointed out that the current legislation does not prohibit genetic parents order a surrogate mother to several surrogate mothers and get a few children, and then select "more a pretty, better." "And what else? One could imagine such an absurdity? "- Wondered Mizulina.

In turn, the Russian presidential administration said Thursday that Medvedev shortly intends to pay attention to various aspects of the theme support for mothers and children, which he said in his address to the Federal Assembly. Working on this issue the head of state will be close to the new year, specified in the Kremlin.

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