In the House of Justice arson suspected activists?

Minsk city police opened a criminal investigation into bullying at the House of Justice, where the verdict of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov and trial of former candidate Nikolai Statkevich, and other members of the Square.

According to the information that is available on the website Minsk police, on the night of May 15 at 4:40 am from the caretaker's House of Justice has received a signal that is on the ground floor of a fire alarm. The police officers who came to the House of Justice, found the side of the building with a capacity of 0.7 liter bottle with a wick and a combustible liquid, and three fragments of broken bottles. It is assumed that the bottle was filled with a mixture of gasoline and oil, the so-called "Molotov cocktail." Fire damaged the service entrance door, wall, traces of soot. Prosecuted for disorderly conduct (Part 2 of Article 339).

The head of the press service of Minsk police Alexander Lastouski said he had been questioned six of them, but their names are not named:

"So far, no charges are brought against specifically. Should wait until the investigation or at least preliminary results. While we can only speak of the respondents in order to obtain relevant information for the investigation. Their survey was not as detainees, but as individuals, may be of some interest to somehow to know some details. They were detained, questioned, interviewed and released. "

Lastouski not exclude the possibility that the police will soon complete the investigation into the incident. But who exactly is involved in this incident, Mr. Lastouski not reported.

Meanwhile the police began to cause social activists. According to the coordinator of the human rights service of "European Belarus" Veronica Lozovskaya, in the Moscow police department are now Alexander Kudlaev and his son Igor. In the morning at their home was searched. Alexander managed to report that his detention is connected with the burning of the House of Justice. Now his phone is not available. Also arrested and released a minor activist Settle Berezovsky. He has also conducted a search.

"I think that in this House of Justice judged Sannikov, so the police and decided to go for the activists of" European Belarus ", — said Veronica Lozovskaya.


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