In the Krasnoyarsk region found the city of ancient alien civilization

Ancient civilization extraterrestrial origin has left its mark in the Western Sayan. Giant dam and stone giant amaze and inspire awe.

Ergaki ridge — a unique natural park in the Western Sayan Mountains in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. And at the same time it is a mysterious place, which, as they say, keeps the memory of an ancient civilization, which owned Supertehnologiya. About the secrets and mysteries that lurk here, said the program "Mysterious Russia", shown live on NTV.Ru.

Here in the mountains there is a stone city. Erected a huge dam — but who and how it could build a few thousand years ago? At the bottom of the valley someone built a huge stone giant, who looks at the sky on Mars. Here, thousands of years ago were built cryptic sites for landing aircraft. To see these facilities, you must do a difficult and dangerous path.

Here die and gain health. April 22, 2002 this is where the helicopter crashed General Lebed. Those who repeatedly visited Egrakah, convinced that the helicopter crash in the mountains — not an accident. There still are a strange energy, running extraterrestrial civilization.

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