In the Kuban by helicopter first aid rescued 24 people

In the Krasnodar region on February 6 by helicopter "first aid" rescued 24 people. From them — the four children.

On this day, Feb. 20, said at the sixth session of the Legislative Assembly deputies Health Minister Elena Red'ko region.

During the work of the helicopter was committed 23 departure. According Red'ko daily runs to three departures.

Candidate for mayor of Anapa Sergey Sergeyev in his microblog wrote that one of the survivors was a resident of the resort town.

"A new kind of medical care in the Kuban region is very important. Anapsko patient was taking a helicopter from the airport. Believe that it is necessary to create a helicopter landing pad as close to the city hospital. This will further reduce the time of delivery of emergency services in Krasnodar with sanaviatsii" — wrote Sergeyev.

As reported in "Live Kuban" February 6 "helicopter ambulance," Krasnodar made its first flight:

February 6, "helicopter ambulance," Krasnodar made its first flight.

From the village of Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi in Krasnodar Regional Hospital was delivered to patients with severe traumatic brain injury.

To overcome the distance from Sochi to Krasnodar by car, it would take about seven hours. Aircraft deals with this in two hours.

"This is — flying resuscitation bed. They have everything you need to transport seriously ill patients who are on mechanical ventilation. Even in which the heart does not work, there are devices, people trained," — said the head doctor GOOSE "Krasnodar Clinical Hospital C. . Ochapovsky "Vladimir Porkhanov.

In the first group departed the main regional hospital resuscitation.

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