In the power of magic tattoos

February 9, 2012 17:55

Tattoos, like moles, really have a direct impact on the fate

Every year, in February, thousands of people gather in a kind of magical tattoos festival, which takes place in a monastery Beng Phra Vet, which is 50 kilometers west of Bangkok.


On the skin of its numerous customers all over the world, local monks applied the so-called yantra (Yantra) — sacred images that contain a Buddhist prayers and incantations, to appeal to the various elements and forces that gives protection and blessing.

The Sanskrit word "Yantra" is derived from the root of yang, which means "to preserve, maintain the energy inherent in a particular element, object, or concept."

It is believed that the yantra ward off evil spirits, and are one of the most powerful ways to secure good luck and happiness.

Before tribal ritual one should not talk to anyone for three days and three nights, and after the application of the yantra "master" and "disciple" five candles lit incense sticks and five representing the five incarnations of the Buddha and pray to the heavens.

From that day the media magic tattoos can show others the pride and arrogance, and steal from other naughty things. If these rules are broken, the power of tattoos is lost, and the media begin to pursue her unhappiness, and it can even go crazy.

Generally, in the magical power of tattoos, people believed in ancient times. Putting on the body image of an animal or spirit, members of the tribe so as to use it to seek, to hunt, to work and to fight the enemies.

Tattoo of a small bird in the eye was used for vision correction. Children often put out their points on their noses to protect them from injury. Wolf gave a special power, and fish tattooed on his shoulder to protect women from unwanted attention of strangers.

Application magical tattoos, both today and in the past was accompanied by a ritual, including calls for guardian spirits and animals, whose power would absorb the future owner of the image.

Operation was a special person close to their social status to the status of a shaman, without the use of painkillers, because it was believed that otherwise the person will not be treated with due respect to the logged-in to the spirits of his body, and over time can last even turn against the owner of the their images.

Tattoo master bore the full responsibility for it, and had to prove by their actions that he is worthy of the patronage of the spirits, which chose.


However, according to modern scholars, the solution to cause the tattoo should be taken very seriously. It's not just decorating the body image or expression of tastes or preferences.

Tattoos, like moles, really have a direct impact on the fate. Therefore, if you "got so hot," it is important to carefully approach the selection of places for them.

Tatiana Solovyov, author of "The Mole, the signs of destiny", said that tattoos, like moles, located at such places in the body where they can be seen only by other people, and the winner — only using a mirror, can be considered a good sign.

A suitable place for tattooing is the face, back, neck, head and the lower part of the buttocks.

It is not necessary to give tattoos without thinking — you can seriously hurt yourself and your health. Thus, a tattoo on the lower part of the abdomen, according to Soloviev, can awaken the basest human qualities of greed, the desire for carnal pleasures, despotic. The negative effects can have patterning in the navel — it is believed that in this way the will produced lust, jealousy, the desire to humiliate people.

Tattooed on the solar plexus increases fear, pushes for meanness and also the desire to subjugate others. Tattoo on the chest can affect emotional balance, causing unnecessary fears.

In connection with the above, looks pretty interesting conclusions, which recently came Roger Bayard from the University of Adelaide (Australia). He drew attention to the excessively large number of bodies with tattoos bandit Ned Kelly, passing judicial autopsy and looked after forensic archives of South Australia.

Get acquainted with them, the scientist realized that I was right. Indeed, the media tattoos famous bearded compared with all the other suicide and killed met respectively by 2.7 and 7.7 times more often! Ned Kelly (1855-1880), and to this day remains a popular figure among some of the residents of Australia. His gang stole cattle, robbed banks, killed police officers. Then Kelly still seized and executed in Melbourne.

From that day the media magic tattoos can show others the pride and arrogance, and steal from other naughty things

According to Roger Bayard, personality characteristics, which became "in kind" for a tattoo, can not affect on whose skin prick image. So, Ned Kelly was a troublemaker and a criminal, ended his violent death. The same fate, as practice shows, awaits those who tattooed his image on your body …

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